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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seattle Photos

Here are just a few photos from my trip to Seattle last weekend. We were very lucky that the weather was perfect and we had two sets of friends willing to show us the town.

We, of course, hit Pike's Market:
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There were a lot of fresh fish stands, but only one offering this:
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We then took a short drive to Squolomie Falls:
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We also got to see some vibrant fall colors:
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Then, we went to the other side of the sound to look back at the city:
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Finally, we were taken to a great park above the city:
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On Sunday, the weather was just as good. The new Seattle Library was right across the street from our hotel:
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I then went to the park where the Space Needle is and a new music museum:
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We ate at some incredible places - a cute, little crepe place at the Market, The 5 Spot, Zeena's (I think) for breakfast in the Capitol Hill area (the best corned beef hash), Kell's Irish Pub, 13 Coins at the airport. I did some shopping, took a ton of photos, walked a lot.

The hardest part was the red eye home. Don and I had aisles across from one another. I sat next to a larger couple, and she fell asleep right away, eventually taking my leg space, arm rest, tossing her blanket into the space betweeen us. Plus, the plane was really hot. The coolest spot was in the lav, so I actually went to go sit in there for awhile, just to cool down.

We're having great weather here this weekend. We took the dogs for a long hike this morning, and because Don's game is tomorrow, we're spending the afternoon watching football. I'm baking some pumpkin pie burlee for work's potluck on Tuesday and doing some beading to keep my fingers busy. Don did laundry and we're breaking out the flannel sheets tonight.

That's about it from here. I need to go check on the pie so the crust doesn't get too dark. I'm making crusted sea bass with a Asian slaw and spicy noodles for dinner. Yum!!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Quick Update

I can't believe I've been home almost a week from a lovely weekend in the Emerald City and I haven't updated! We had a great time, the weather was perfect, I took a ton of photos. The worst part was the red-eye home, but I think I'm almost recovered from that.

Don is taking me out to dinner shortly, so more later. I promise to post photos from Seattle!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Off To Seattle

We're heading out to the airport shortly for a weekend on the West Coast. I haven't been to Seattle in 15 years, so I'm excited to see the changes. I'm bringing my big camera and hope to take lots of photos. Plus, I will be meeting Swankette and her husband, TRP. I'm sure good times will be had!

The best part is that it's supposed to be sunny, something I've been missing for a few days.

This is my first time flying since the new security rules, so I hope they let my mascera and lip gloss through! I left my hair gel at home figuring that the container was 3.03 ounces and even though it's less than half-full, some TSA employee would probably make me throw it out.

Wish us swift and trouble-free travels!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Photo Update

I finally posted my year anniversary photosHERE.

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. It was a beautiful weekend last weekend - temps in the 80s, trips to the dog park, a walk around the lake. On Monday, the temps took a dip and by Thursday we had snow flurries and a high of 37. To top it all off, my work computer crashed on Monday. Luckily the tech guys were able to restore the few documents I didn't have saved, plus I got a new laptop and two flat-screen monitors. It's a kick ass set up. Having the dual monitors really helps in my job and I can't believe I had a single monitor for so long.

We took the dogs to the dog park this morning after I went to the gym. Don and I then went to go see "The Departed." We both really enjoyed it, and would recommend it highly. There are some good twists and some great acting, especially Jack Nicholson.

With the Vikings having a bye this week, Don is home and we'll get to watch football tomorrow, so I'm happy about that. I was able to end my physical therapy this week, although I promised to do my shoulder exercises 5 times a week. I'm hoping with things calming down at work and my schedule getting less hectic, I can get a routine going for the gym. I really like working out, I just haven't had the time it seems.

Nothing much else going on. Feeling a little blah, and I'm thinking it's the change in the weather. I'm just not ready for winter!!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

One Year, and 160 Pounds Gone

Thursday was my 1 year anniversary since I had gastric bypass surgery. Here are the 1 year stats:

Highest Weight (2005): 336.6
Weight Day of Surgery: 321.8
Weight on 10/5/06: 176.6
Loss Since Surgery: 145.2
Total Loss: 160.0

Obviously I feel great and don't regret my decision for an instant. I have been very lucky - no physical ailments (other than a bit of an ulcer which I'm treating with Priolsec); no serious emotional issues; no support or relationship problems.

I am far more active today than I was a year ago. I think that's one of the best things. I really enjoy moving and doing exercise. It really makes me feel good, whether it's a brisk walk with the dogs or belly dancing or doing yoga. I feel strong, I have stamina, I can feel muscles that I didn't know I had.

Of course, the biggest thing is my health. I'm still on thyroid meds, but I am off my blood pressure ones and am no longer borderline diabetic. My joints don't hurt, my back hasn't gone out in a year, I sleep better, I don't have acid reflux. It's amazing what you can focus on when you aren't worried about health concerns.

I guess the biggest indication of success is that there are days when I actually forget I've had surgery. I can go out to dinner and order what I want - I just don't eat as much. I make better food choices, both eating out and at the grocery store. I eat less processed food and more whole and organic foods. I look for lean proteins, high fiber, whole grains, low fat. I don't feel deprived when I eat. The biggest issue continues not feeling hungry and making myself eat when I don't want to. That I can live with - I think it's a lot harder for those who still mourn and miss food and who have to deal with head-hunger.

I couldn't have enjoyed this success without my wonderful support group of friends and family. Not one person was negative about the surgery, and all have continued to be supportive. Don has been wonderful, even sending me a dozen roses to celebrate my 1 year anniversary.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day and I'm about to hit the gym and even try a Core Cardio class. Later, we'll take the dogs for a hike and maybe take a second trip to the dog park in the same area. We took the dogs yesterday and they loved it. Not a lot else is going on. I plan on enjoying some outdoor time and spending time with Don... and just being thankful for getting my life back.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Good Day to Do Nothing

Another perfect Sunday in Minnesota. It's too bad Don is on the road since it would be a great day to take the dogs for a hike. We took them yesterday, so at least they got one in this weekend. I just like to take advantage of the nice days left before winter sets in. It's a bit on the cool side, but I think we're supposed to get up to the low 70s this afternoon.

Not much on the schedule today. Maybe some laundry and a run to the grocery store. I also need to clean off one of my guest beds which is covered in books. Man, I could practically open my own library with all the books I own. I have spent most of the morning framing photos that I took in July and making some photo collages. Of course, they'll probably sit on the dining room table for a month or so before I get inspired to hang them. I'll hopefully get some good photos on our trip to Seattle and on my trip to London.

I have another short week coming up. I have Friday off as a celebration of my 1 year anniversary of WLS. I've been meaning to make an appointment to have my metabolic rate and body fat measured to see how much it's changed. When I tested back in January, my BMR was 1711 and he expected it to drop to about 1650. My body fat was at 49%, and I weighed in at 255. I think the last time I had my body fat tested in July, I was at 30% but that's not nearly as accurate as the underwater weighing. Even with the weight loss slowing down significantly, I still think I will be at goal by the end of October.

My foods have been really weird lately. I'm back to not being hungry for the most part and having to remind myself to eat. Most food isn't appealing to me. I know I have to eat since, oddly enough, getting too few calories inhibits weight loss. The funny thing is I've been watching Food TV all morning. Even though the recipes look and sound great, nothing is inspiring enough to pique my appetite. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have a normal relationship with food.

Off to set my lineup for my fantasy football game today, and then off to run to the store before the games begin!