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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Good Day to Do Nothing

Another perfect Sunday in Minnesota. It's too bad Don is on the road since it would be a great day to take the dogs for a hike. We took them yesterday, so at least they got one in this weekend. I just like to take advantage of the nice days left before winter sets in. It's a bit on the cool side, but I think we're supposed to get up to the low 70s this afternoon.

Not much on the schedule today. Maybe some laundry and a run to the grocery store. I also need to clean off one of my guest beds which is covered in books. Man, I could practically open my own library with all the books I own. I have spent most of the morning framing photos that I took in July and making some photo collages. Of course, they'll probably sit on the dining room table for a month or so before I get inspired to hang them. I'll hopefully get some good photos on our trip to Seattle and on my trip to London.

I have another short week coming up. I have Friday off as a celebration of my 1 year anniversary of WLS. I've been meaning to make an appointment to have my metabolic rate and body fat measured to see how much it's changed. When I tested back in January, my BMR was 1711 and he expected it to drop to about 1650. My body fat was at 49%, and I weighed in at 255. I think the last time I had my body fat tested in July, I was at 30% but that's not nearly as accurate as the underwater weighing. Even with the weight loss slowing down significantly, I still think I will be at goal by the end of October.

My foods have been really weird lately. I'm back to not being hungry for the most part and having to remind myself to eat. Most food isn't appealing to me. I know I have to eat since, oddly enough, getting too few calories inhibits weight loss. The funny thing is I've been watching Food TV all morning. Even though the recipes look and sound great, nothing is inspiring enough to pique my appetite. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have a normal relationship with food.

Off to set my lineup for my fantasy football game today, and then off to run to the store before the games begin!



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