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Saturday, September 02, 2006

And Just Like That...

I've been bummed about the lack of movement on the scale over the last week or so. I don't know why - I mean, I know I'm not done losing and I know that there are hormonal factors working against me this week. I got on the scale this morning in hoped I'd be back to 186 and the scale read 184.8. Yep, I am officially at my surgeon's goal of 185, which was 85% of my excess weight lost.

That means, I have lost 151.8 pounds from my highest weight last year and 137 pounds since my surgery date of 10/5/05. I am 15 pounds away from my personal goal of 170 (which would be pre-plastic surgery goal weight) and 25 pounds away from a normal BMI. I have lost a total of 97 inches - that's over 8 feet of space. I'm in a size 12 - 14 pant, a 10 - 12 skirt, a 16 blazer and a 14/16 or large top. Even my bra size has changed - from a 46C to a 38D (actually I measure closer to a 36B but went up because of the excess skin in my breasts and under my arms - gross, but a fact of WLS).

It's still kind of scary for me knowing I will soon be in the maintaining part of this whole journey. That's where failure can rear its ugly head. What if I get to 170, stay there for a day and go on a return trip back up the scale? I don't think that will happen since I am way to focused on making this surgery work.

Anyway, it's still way early for a Saturday morning. I need to shower and meet some other WLS'ers for coffee and then get my hair done (cut and color - be prepared for a change!). Today is Operation House Clean, so that will be the remainder of Saturday. Fine by me - the house is in desperate need of a good clean and I have a lot of niggling projects to complete (mail photos, hang shelves, frame photos, hang said frames). Should be a good day to get a lot accomplished!


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