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Friday, July 28, 2006

Is It Really Friday?

I thought Friday would never get here. It's been a hell of a week on all fronts so I am really looking forward to the end of the day.

Work has just kicked my butt. I have had meetings and trainings and deadlines all week. The trainings have been very good, including a full day of training on Situational Leadership, which I know sounds like a bunch of corporate speak but it's a pretty good philosophy and I'm excited to put it into practice. It's just hard right now as I do two jobs (my old one and my new one) plus try and cover for the one scheduler we lost and the one who is out on maternity leave (having her baby today, I think!!) and back-up my boss who is on vacation. Although I'm not doing all the work, I am responsible for reporting updates and making sure those who are doing the job are not overwhelmed and meeting their deadlines.

I also haven't been sleeping very well. I think it's partially due to the heat - it makes me restless and the dogs restless. I was up this morning tossing and turning from 3:00 AM to about 4:45 AM. My alarm was due to go off at about 4:55 AM so I could do time on the treadmill and some yoga but I pushed it back to 5:45. I did get a little more rest and can do the treadmill this afternoon. I did make it onto the treadmill once this week before 5:00 AM - I did 30 minutes with 6 minutes of running at 5 mph sprinkled in. I then did 30 minutes of yoga. We get Discovery's Fit TV channel and they have a 30-minute show called Nameste Yoga. I TiVO it and have been doing some of the sessions since I'm on hiatus from yoga until the fall sessions start. I've never been very good at doing exercise tapes but this is pretty good and because it's slower paced than an aerobic-type show I can follow along without feeling like I'm falling behind.

With everything that's been going on, I haven't been completely focused on my weight. I've been bouncing between 196.0 and 197.8 for the last 2 weeks and finally this morning the scale read 195.8. I know that as I continue to expand my foods, both in types and amounts, my body will need time to adjust which means slower weight loss. I'd really love to be at 185 by my 1-year check in on October 11. Granted, I only have 10.8 pounds to lose but if it's going to be this slow, I'll really need that time. Of course if I was really agressive, I might actually be able to hit my personal goal by then. That would mean actually getting up before 5:00 AM to get on the treadmill instead of just talking about it.

Don begins covering training camp today. He'll be making the long drive (about 1 hour each way) daily for about 2 1/2 weeks. Since he'll be away all day Saturday and Sunday I figure that will be a good time to work in the yard. We've kind of let it go a bit so some of the beds are being overrun with vines and unidentified plants. Hopefully it won't be too hot out.

I did get my dress for my reunion - and it's too big!! I had to order a size 10/12 and hope that it gets here on time. I still need shoes but I'm less worried about the shoes than the dress.

Well, off to get my day started. I have about 100 things on my To Do list to finish before 4:00 today...


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    Hardly I can believe that.


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