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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Keeping On Track

Despite a monthly visitor stopping by, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I took a quick peek at the scale, and while it's not down as much as I want, it's still down, and I still have a few days before this visitor leaves, so it might even be better than I hoped.

Of course, in looking at The Plan, I've had my ups and downs. My exercise was not on target, partially because I didn't make contingency plans for when the weather finally turned. The will change in Feb. once the treadmill is delivered. My foods were probably 60% on plan. The culprit here was lack of planning. Last week, I didn't really fully plan on breakfasts and lunches and ended up going out far more than my once a week rule (3 breakfasts and 4 lunches last week). Plus, I didn't make the wisest choices, teetering on the brink of binges (again, blaming that monthly visitor). I did, however, do OK on dinners where I had planned -- salads and veggies at almost every meal, fresh ingredients, kept up with fish once a week, etc. The extra eating out also contributed to my overspending -- I figured that I've probably spent an extra $150.00 on crap I didn't really need.

I do realize this is a journey, not a quick trip, and there are going to be learning curves and as long as I'm willing to be honest in evaluating my progress and make changes, I will have success. I know that there will be ups and downs, and I won't always be 100% chipper about going along on this journey, but I am willing to acknowledge those down moments and move on, rather than wallowing in that stinking thinking.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Don and I spent a few hours cleaning up the office (it's amazing the files we brought from LA -- things like bills from 1999....). There is still some organization that needs to be done, but I can work on that today and get that room knocked out. I did make some OK decisions last night at dinner. We tried a new Italian restaurant named Campenileos. We both thought it was good -- we shared some calimari (fried, probably not the best choice, but yummy), then I had a Ceaser salad (one of the better ones I've had), roasted chicken with mushroom & spinach risotto (even took off the skin) and warm chocolate truffle cake (I should have opted for something else, but boy was it worth it).

I think today will be spent mostly around here, doing some more organizational stuff and cleaning. I should run to the grocery store once I get my menus planned for next week and we're going to try and catch a movie. We haven't seen anything since Shrek 2, so you know we have some catching up to do!

Well, this is a rather early post for me. Don finally got up and I should get the coffee poured while he's out with the dogs....

Thursday, January 27, 2005

41 More Years To Go

I am going to die at 78. When are you? Click here to find out!

That's assuming I don't decide to try and vote in Iraq on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Food Dilemmas

I’m struggling a little bit with my food plan. I do know that the best thing for me is 6 small meals throughout the day, rather than three. I’m just not sure what I should be doing in terms of eating what when for the best results.

The last two days I had a bagel with peanut butter (carbs and protein) and fruit. Yesterday I opted for a yogurt (fat free) and paired that with a bagel, PB and grapefruit juice. Today, I just had 1 cup of mixed berries, 3 FF graham crackers and PB. For lunch, I’m having 2 cups of mixed greens (organic) with LF balsamic vinaigrette, turkey sandwich on whole grain bread (1 tbsp. mayo, mustard, 1 whole Roma tomato and some onion), some Wheat Thins and an apple. So far (3 hours later), I'm not hungry, although I should eat an apple shortly so I don't binge when I get home.

I’m trying to be better about writing what I’m eating and when and noting when I’m feeling hungry. Of course, I am less than 1 week away from TTOM, so my system is a little out of whack anyway. Although I don’t think I’ll be below 312 by Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 6), I do want to use that day as a “cheat” day so I can enjoy a beer or two and maybe even some wings – you know, typical Super Bowl food.

The worst meal is breakfast. I’m limited as to what I can bring in – we don’t have a toaster I can use, so if I opt for a bagel, toast, English muffin, etc. I would need to purchase it downstairs (no biggie – a plain bagel is 85 cents). We have a “hot” water spout (which is really lukewarm at best), so instant oatmeal is a little hard. I’m not that into cold cereal but could do that in a pinch.

Snacks are a little easier. I keep graham crackers and peanut butter in my desk drawer. Fruit is easy (apples, grapes, berries, pears being my favorite). Nuts can be pre-measured into Ziploc baggies. Of course, lunch is usually leftovers from the night before or a sandwich with a salad on the side.

I know I’m over-thinking things. I should just plan 3 healthy meals with 3 healthy snacks. Planning and watching portion size is key for me. I swear I need a mini-fridge, a toaster, a coffee maker, a blender and a microwave under my desk!

I did come up with a neat trick to make sure I’m getting more water. Usually I sip on my coffee on my commute. It’s usually too hot, or I will have let it cool off enough before getting into the car that I drink it all by the time I get to work and then jones for a second cup at my desk. I am now tossing in a 1 liter bottle to drink half on my way to work and half on my way home. I always get in 60 ounces at work, and I usually try for an additional 60 depending on my work load (or how bored I am and I need to walk to the kitchen for a break). I always try on getting a 20 ounce bottle of fizzy water finished once I get home. So the water is one area where I think I’m doing OK. Hey, I can actually tell you, besides water and my morning coffee, I’ve only had 3 beers, 1 martini, 2 juices and maybe 2-3 Diet Cokes in the last 10 days. Oh, and one cup of hot cider. Yum.

One big “woo-hoo” this week was that I finally got my books off my guest room floor and onto the office bookshelf. Geeze, we’ve been in the house almost 3 months. Anyway, that’s been on my To Do list forever, and it finally got done. I also got all the bits and pieces I’d been tossing into the guest bath put away. Now it’s just a matter of getting pictures hung, setting out some framed photos and candles and working on the office. At some point, I need to organize my craft supplies, but those are in the basement and out of sight, so out of mind. I would like to try and get my DVD player in my living room properly set up and hook up the VCR in the bedroom. Those might actually make it on to my weekend chore list.

Can’t decided on what to have for dinner tonight – tilapia with corn relish, asparagus and salad or roasted tomato and spinach soup with chicken sausages in puff pastry and salad. Suggestions?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it is my blog's first birthday! I can't believe how much I have enjoyed this. I really owe it to Denise. She was my first read, and it's because of her and her links I've gotten to know many of you -- Dazed, Rebecca,Yvonne, Jenniy and Danelle. Everyone I read has inspired me, made me laugh, made me think, and oh, so glad I have made your acquaintance. Of course, the better part of my days are now spent "catching up" with everyone else's lives. I wonder if I can figure out how to walk on the treadmill and blog at the same time.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blogger Problems

For some reason, the photos below are spaced perfectly when I use Mozilla/Firefox but not when I use Internet Explorer. Go figure. The problem seems to be the width of my sidebar, but I'm not sure how to fix it (move it to the left). Ahhh, well....hopefully you can view them.

Don and I got each other our Valentine's Day gift -- a new treadmill. It will be delivered on or around 2/9 and I'm pretty excited about it. With the weather the way it is, I can't count on outdoor walks and once I'm home, I can't trust myself to get back into the car to go either to the gym or the mall to walk, especially when it gets really cold out. This way it will be right down stairs, and I know Don will help keep me motivated.

Off to go fix dinner -- honey roasted chicken and spicy peanut noodles. All low-fat, but high spice and high taste. Yum!

Some Winter Photos

Baja in the snow -- it's up to his knees and elbows!

Here's our deck. You can't really see how much is on the deck, but you can see the accumulation on the railing.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Let It Snow -- Just Not 8 Inches At Once

We got our first big snow storm yesterday, and the worst hit just as rush hour began. My normal 30 minute drive took me two hours. I haven't had much experience with driving in snow, so it was a bit scary, but the traffic wasn't moving faster than 20 mph anyway, so I think I did OK. At least I got home in one piece. Don spent the morning getting aquainted with his snowblower and plowing the driveway and sidewalks.

I have taken some of your advice and will be scheduling a doctor appointment. I know my thyroid needs to be tested as the current meds aren't cutting it. I'm also hoping that my blood pressure is good enough to get off those meds. I'm sure part of the emotions are just from making changes in my lifestyle and being afraid of the unknown and of failing. Luckily, I have a great support system, and I know with the right doctor I can make progress.

Can I just tell you how addictive VH-1's "I Love The 70s/80s/90s" is? Man, I can watch the entire decade in one sitting.

Baja had his check-up today, and it wasn't the news we had hoped. He has another 4 weeks on-leash and then we'll go back. I do have to say, we were very pleased with our pet insurance. We were reimbursed about 60% of the cost, which was unexpected. Always a nice surprise to come home to that kind of check in the mail.

Today was kind of a kick-about day. After Baja and the wet, I got a mani/pedi and now feel oh-so-sexy. Don and I are planning on going to an early dinner and then just relaxing. Tomorrow, we have plenty to do before the games start -- Baja & Jager to the groomers, bank, Costco, boot shopping for Don (and looking at treadmills) and a grocery run. It's so nice to have Don home on weekends now. I might actually feel like I'm getting something done.

I'm jusst hoping my funk is season-related. Maybe I need to spend a few sessions in a tanning booth for those UV rays.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Roadblocks Ahead

I have had to take a hard look at where my weight loss journey is going. I am at the point, once again, where frustration, discouragement, depression and a sense of futility have set in.

How can I possibly argue with a part of my body that is inhibiting weight loss (thyroid)? No matter what I do, what I eat, how much I exercise, I remain trapped between 310 and 324. I can get down to the lower end of the scale briefly, but it starts trending back up after just a day or two, even if I don’t change eating patterns.

The frustration of trying to do this on my own is wearing my resolve down. Maybe I should just accept I will never be the slim, sexy woman I think I want to be. Maybe I should just focus on eating healthy and exercising, ignoring the numbers on the scale knowing that as long as my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are within range I’m doing the best I can.

But it pisses me off that I will be forever on the outside looking in. The fat that surrounds me, often protecting me, has really become a barrier from me even wanting to dream, knowing that I tend to tie realizing my dreams to being skinny. I’m tired of comparing others I pass by, having the internal conversation about whether or not they are fatter than I am, and often reveling in the knowledge that they are – “Ha! I’m not the fattest one on this elevator!” Because for the most part, I am the fattest one in any given gathering. I cannot get my head around the fact that this is how I may look for the rest of my life.

My doctor in LA, after looking at my thyroid, told me that maybe it would just be better if I ate healthy and didn’t worry about losing weight. Maybe some people would be relieved to hear something like that. It totally depressed me. It’s like she was giving up on me, and telling me I should too. Now that I have to find a new doctor, I’m scared about dealing with new perceptions. I don’t want to go into an office visit and get scolded and shamed. Yes, I know I’m morbidly obese. Trust me, I know; I have to look in the mirror every day. There are days when my eyes totally ignore everything below my shoulders – like if I just focus on my face, the rest of me won’t exist.

Despite all of this, I soldier on. I have my eating plan in place for today. I know I’m not going to find solace in the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s pint or a bag of potato chips (trust me, I’ve looked).

Of course, maybe all this melancholy is because of this. Probably not, but it does add to it.

Finally, answering question 3 of 17 Questions You Should Ask Yourself: Is there anything unfinished in my life that I'm willing to walk away from?

Right now, I would be tempted to say weight loss, at least the way I’m currently going about it. Maybe something like WLS is the right way to go for me, even if that does mean completely changing my life.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Brrrr, It's Cold Outside

On my way to work on Friday, it was minus 17 without the wind chill. Over the weekend, it was supposed to hit minus 25 with the wind chill but I didn't stay outside long enough to find out -- just a few forays with the dogs so they could do their business. As it is, they didn't want to stay out too long either.

Don completed his last road trip. The Vikings lost in Philly on Sunday, so he just has a few items to wrap up today and work with his editor for a off-season game plan. It will be nice to have him home, especially on weekends. I have high hopes that we will get even more settled. In fact, part of the weekend was spent placing framed photos out. I still have a bunch to place and a lot of candles and other knick knacks. At some point I really need to get my photos hung on the walls since it seems so bare.

Since I have today off, I will brave the (currently) minus 5 temps to get some errands and shopping done. I took some time this weekend and recommitted to my goals and The Plan. I have my meals planned for the week -- all healthy, full of veggies. I am also going to talk to Don about getting a treadmill. I really need to get into a routine and with the weather the way it is, I can't always make plans for a walk outdoors. Our basement is still unfinished and I would like to get it completed this year -- more storage, a workout area, maybe even a wine cellar. More than likely, there would be a large closet for my crafts and an area for pantry items. I don't think we really need another sitting/family area. I know we don't need another bedroom! I guess we could make it into an office area since the one we have now is a little small, although it works for what we use it for. I like the idea of having a workout room -- treadmill, bike, free weights, a weight bench, etc. We'll see....

I better get moving before I decide it's too comfy and warm on this couch.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Listening to Inner Voices

So, last night after dinner, I was still slightly hungry. Mostly I just wanted something to snack on. Did I turn to candy or chips? No, and that's partly due to not having any in the house. But, for the most part, I decided that the fresh berries I had in my fridge looked really good. Where was this inner voice on Monday morning when I was pulling in to the BK drive-thru?

I did come across this article talking about our Inner Voices. As I am always seeking permission or comfort or reward, my Inner Voice is The Indulger who wants to reward and comfort with food. I'm trying to be more aware of this and reward myself with time to read or watch a show. Since putting The Plan into action, I have not visited the vending machine or Express Stop store in my office. I haven't felt the need for a Milky Way or a bag of Doritos. Heck, I haven't even purchased a soda at work, concentrating more on my water intake. This must mean something.

There is a lot of talk on the news sites today about the new Dietary Guidelines out today. In a nutshell, eat more fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains and lean meat; eat less sugar, salt, fat and processed foods; exercise more. I am happy about these guidelines because they make sense. I know some critics have said they are too vauge, but the overall model is sane. What bums me out is this article that pretty much says I need to workout 90 minutes a day to lose weight. I'm having a hard enough time finding 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Sometimes I do feel like this struggle is hopeless. Maybe I'm just biologically programmed to be fat. I can diet and deny, sweat and swear, show nothing for it and get frustrated and quit. Or I can consider something like gastric bypass, which sounds extreme, difficult and dangerous but seems to show results, therefore making me feel better about myself and feel more accepted by the world. I'm not sure which path to take. I know I'm early into my Plan, and I haven't lost my desire to attempt to do well. But, how often will I allow myself to start over? How often I have I said, "This is the time I am going to commit 100%!"?

Here's a little tidbit for you -- I don't like to work hard. I never have. I walk away when things get tough rather than stick it out. I'm a quitter. Want to know why I never finished college? It was too hard. I've never pushed myself in my career, prefering to let things happen to me rather than making things happen. Sit on the couch or go for a walk? I'll let you guess what I'd rather do.

Trust me, in a week or two, when I hit the inevitable plateau, I will toss up my hands and say, "This is too hard. I don't want to deny myself the pleasure of ice cream. I'll just live with being fat. It's easier." It's easier to hide behind the layers of fat -- physically and emotionally. It allows me to make excuses for why I don't have friends in my new town, why I don't get promoted. It's easier to hide desires and dreams. I don't like to set myself up for disappointment and failure. It's easier to not even try.

So, why did I even start? Did I just get caught up in the excitement of a new year, of a clean slate?

Well, I have another inner voice who remembers what it's like to be in shape and healthy; to have friends and a social life; to feel strong. I want to listen to that inner voice, and if I can just shut The Indulger up long enough, I might just hear,
There is something to be gained from commitment. There are rewards for staying when you would rather leave. And there is something to be said for running up that hill when you would rather slide down it. And so you let love come perch upon your shoulder. And you do not turn it away. You do the tango. Just do it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Please Check Out This Site

Greg is sponsoring a Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research. All it takes is one comment at his site. He's doing this in memory of his wife, Cheryl, who died in April, 2004 of this disease.

My long time readers know that I lost a very dear friend last year to breast cancer, and have many friends who are surviving with it.

I also found out last week that one of our team members was diagnosed with Burkitt's Disease, an agressive form of lymphoma. It looks like they caught it early enough, but he's having bone marrow scans done today.

Thanks to Denise and Michele for getting the word out.

Monday, January 10, 2005

A Small Step Back

One of the things about weekends that throws me off is the just the lack of "schedule." I realized this on my way to work and remembered I hadn't eaten anything more than a few crackers (9 to be exact), 1/2 graham cracker and a turkey sandwich. When I get into this "starvation" mode, I tend to make bad choices, which is exactly what I did, pulling into Burger King and ordering a breakfast sandwich and hash browns -- for a grand total of 750 calories, 54 grams of fat and 1540 mg. of sodium. Grrr....

I jumped right back on the horse, though, eating my scheduled snacks and lunch and I have a good dinner planned for tonight -- meat loaf, asparagus, Parmesan mashed potatoes and green salad. I'm pounding my water, trying to make sure I can finish the last 30 ounces. Depending on the weather and the sidewalk conditions, I will go for a walk after work. If those aren't conducive to walking outside, I will try and figure out why my DVD/VCR player isn't working and do a tape. I am not going to let one crappy Croissan'wich ruin the strides I've made.

I am happy about having next Monday off, especially because Don will be on the road again. He's off to Philly after the Vikings' win over the Packers. The Mondays after an away game are always tough -- I have to get up at 5:00 AM (versus the usual 5:30 AM) to get the dogs out and fed. Plus, I usually don't sleep well when he's gone, so I never feel really rested. I think when I plan my schedule for the last part of the year, I may schedule some 1/2 days on Mondays so I don't have to kill myself to get in.

Now, for the next question in the "17 Questions You Should Ask Yourself."

When was the last time you experienced joy? Not just pleasure, but joy?

I think that would have to be when we were on vacation in Montecito in July. We didn't know about this job in Minneapolis, in fact we were talking about a potential opening in Denver. It was our anniversary week, the setting is so beautiful (see the Santa Barbara photo link to your left) and I was very, very happy and content. Pure bliss....

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Much to my surprise, but not that unexpected, I am down over 6 pounds this week. Before everyone jumps in with, "That's way too much," remember I weighed in after a huge meal (New Year's) and the day before my period so it's not all that remarkable. Regardless, I love to see the scale numbers move down, even if it's somewhat inflated.

Also, I know there were some comments about keeping my meals the same. I tend to over-think my foods. After numerous discussions about my plan, I decided it was easier to keep as many meals as possible the same so I don't have to "think" about what I'm going to have next. It's "tricking" my brain to realize when I eat oatmeal, that's it, or when I eat a turkey sandwich, that's it. I know dieting can be a mind game, and I will do anything to win that one.

I know I am losing weight because my wedding ring and bands are very loose -- so much so they are starting to bug me. I guess that's a good thing, but I don't want to do anything permanent yet. Plus, I write a lot of it off as the dry weather...

I didn't walk today. I wanted to, but the weather is not cooperating. It was raining ice -- if that makes sense. Bottom line -- only if I wanted to slip-n-slide for 1+ miles was I getting a workout in. Plus, my back went out as I was getting my meals together for tomorrow. Right now, the only comfy position is lying down and I know I have a few more standing chores to do -- dishes, trash out, laundry...owww! I know I will sleep well...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Opps! I Did It Again!

Despite my body begging my brain to stay inside where it was cozy and warm, I suited up and headed out for my walk. It didn't seem as bad -- less windy, warmer (if you can call +1 degrees warmer) and still light out. I think it took me less time, although I really don't care if it takes me 20 minute or 30 minutes to walk the mile, I'm getting out there and doing it. I just hope that it really does hit the 20s this weekend and I can try to add another mini-loop to bring it up to 1.5 miles, even though my goal was the 1-mile loop, 3 times a week, for the month of January.

I did sneak a peak at the scale this morning, although I really should have waited until Monday, and I'm down 3.6 pounds. I know part of that is just water retention. but it's still encouraging to see the numbers moving in that direction. The test will be tonight. Part of The Plan is alcohol only on weekends, and today is Friday, therefore a weekend. It's also one of the leader's last day with our group and she is having a send off in a local bar. Don will be with me, and I know I won't go too crazy -- I just have to make sure that I don't allow tonight to become a wholesale binge. I think most of know that food choices suffer when alcohol is introduced into the mix. Maybe my motto should be, "Friends don't let friends order drunk."

I'm in the midst of planning next week's menu. I have my breakfasts, lunches and snacks planned (hint: during the week I have the same thing everyday) but I've only got three dinners planned. I prefer to shop once a week with a mid-week stop for fresh fruit or veggies if needed. Again, see how I can get a little obsessed with food, food planing, food portioning, etc.?

No big plans for the weekend. I would like to try a few longer walks if the weather permits. I also have some $$ left over on a few gift cards (Target, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, PetCo) so I might feel the need for some retail therapy. I'll probably do my grocery shopping on Sunday as well as a quick trip to CostCo and then plop on the couch for the playoff games. And, I'd feel like I got something truly accomplished if I could get all the books off the floor of the guest room and onto the bookshelf in the office.

I'm still hoping this is Don's last road trip for the season (please root for the Packers!). He really deserves a break, at least from the day-to-day grind of covering the beat and the weekend travel. Plus, I would love to have him home and not thinking or worrying about writing.

A local radio station was reading 17 Questions You Should Ask Yourself. While I don't have the energy to answer all 17 right now, I will answer the first one:

If you had to wear your philosophy of life as a motto on a tee-shirt, what would it be?

Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Flippin' The Bird To Cheesecake

I didn't have any -- not one bite. Even though it was Turtle Cheesecake with caramel sauce. Even though those who did indulge kept saying how good it was. Now, I will be honest, I left the meeting feeling mighty proud of myself and sat at my desk for an hour thinking about the cheesecake. I finally decided that I could handle having a small piece and went back into the conference room, but the Diet Gods were kind and someone had removed the offending item. So at first it was willpower and then it was someone else's lack of willpower that kept me from eating 400 more calories than I needed to.

On top of that, I went for my mile walk last night despite it being MINUS 4 degrees. I learned a lot on that walk -- first of all, no matter how many layers you have on, you will not break a sweat in -4 degrees. It's hard to work your iPod click wheel with gloves on. Walking into the wind is much more difficult and painful than walking with the wind at your back. It is very, very important to stretch and warm up when it's that cold out. Finally, a hat and earmuffs are necessary accessories, no matter how stupid they make you look.

After that experience, I think I will limit my outdoor walking to warmer days and use my "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes until I have the chance to look into either gym memberships or a used treadmill. I know that the worst is yet to come -- this is merely the calm before the storm, so to speak, as January is usually the snowiest month here -- so some effective indoor activity would be a good idea.

So, what do we have here three whole days into the new year? Three days on plan, over 100 ounces of water a day, 1 day of exercise, 3 days of remembering to take my pills and I just said no to crack cheesecake and fudge. Three steps into a very long journey...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One Day Down, Too Many To Count To Go

Why is it that my body seems to know the minute I go on a diet plan? For instance, ever since I moved to Minnesota, for whatever reason, I haven’t been eating breakfast – maybe only 2 or 3 times a week. I seem to do just fine until lunchtime. However, after I ate my healthy breakfast of oatmeal and grapes yesterday at 8:00 AM, by 10:00 AM I was starving. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm…."

Having said that, I did eat on plan and even had enough calories left over for a few pieces of my SIL’s homemade toffee. There are only two pieces left, which I hope Don is eating with his coffee right now. I did notice, by tracking my food with, I seem to be getting most of my calories from carbs, so I think I’ll be tracking that to see if I can lower my carb intake and raise my protein. I did manage to eat fruit or veggies at every meal, drink 100 ounces of water, and take my pills. I didn’t even spend any money – not even for a soda at lunchtime. All good on that front.

I didn’t, however, go for a walk as planned. I was taking Baja out for a bathroom run when he yanked me and I slipped on an ice patch, twisting my bad knee. It feels better now, but it was sore last night. I really do need to make an appointment to see a doctor about that before I really injure myself.

I did notice a bunch more people in the lunch room who had brought their lunch or who were eating salads. Guess I’m not the only one thinking about my health! Of course, with all this focus on food, I’m finding myself getting a little obsessed with it. I’m writing all my foods down, thinking about planning my next meal, wondering if I should measure my pasta in cups or ounces.

I hate that I need to get so intimately involved with food. As much as I love to cook and eat, it would be so much simpler if we just ate protein packets and called it a day. Of course, that will never happen, and I just have to accept that food is my addiction. As many have said, it’s too bad you can’t quit food like alcohol or smoking.

Don is working from home today, so I’m hoping that when I get home we can take Baja for a short walk while it’s still light out. He only has 3 more weeks before we go back to the vet for follow up X-rays. We can only go about a block, but I figure we can do that and then Don can take the dogs in while I try and do my mile loop. It shouldn’t be too icy or slippery, so my knee shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, I know Don will make me promise to wear my knee brace.

The first big challenge is on the horizon. One of the team leaders I support has been promoted to a different team and we’re having cheesecake at our team meeting on Wednesday. Since there are only 10 of us, I don’t want to be too obvious about not partaking. I don’t know how big the cake will be, but I believe it is pre-cut. Would it be weird to only take part of a piece? Or do I take a whole piece, but only eat part of it (too tempting I think, but what would Miss Manners say?)? I could lie and say that I just don’t like cheesecake, but I think my nose might truly grow at that one.

See what I mean about obsessing?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Beginnings

So I hesitantly stepped on the scale today and was somewhat amused by the number, mostly because TTofM arrived. I should get a more accurate number tomorrow morning and will use that as my starting point for 2005.

As you can see, I have made some modifications to my sidebar to include where I came from, where I am and where I am going. Weight-wise, that is. I also included a link to The Plan.

New Year's Eve was wonderful. We went to Redstone American Grill and totally overdid it. We shared buffalo shrimp (think buffalo wings, but with shrimp), lobster bisque, filet mignon & lobster and chocolate cake. We also had Champange and wine. Needless to say, we were both full. We did make it to midnight, however briefly.

Today was spent doing stuff around the house like laundry and getting lunches ready for the week (garlic lemon chicken, angel hair pasta, carrots, green salad and fruit). I also have my week's menu planned:
Monday - Skillet Chicken Pot Pie
Tuesday - Tilapia with broccoli and Spanish rice
Wednesday - Chicken Saltimboca (essentially chicken breast stuffed with spinich)
Thursday - Pot Roast with veggies

I am watching the end of the early football games -- the Vikings lost, and need the Rams or Panthers to lose to get into the playoffs. Frankly, I wouldn't mind either team winning just so Don's season is over and no more traveling. Right now, the Rams are winning and the Panters are losing. Of course, with the way the Vikings are playing, they will probably lose if they make the playoffs, so it would really just be one more week of travel for Don. Hey, I'll root for the Vikings next year (unless the Cowboys are doing well....). Update: The Panthers lost on a 60-yard field goal attempt, so Don will have to travel next week. I think it will be to Seattle on Sunday, but I don't know for sure yet.

I did empty what I think are the last 4 boxes from the move. Two of them were full of books and now I have to actually get the books off the floor and onto my bookshelf. I have them mostly in piles so it's just a matter of getting them in order and grouped by themes (mystery, fantasy, chick-lit, etc.). I also better get my bed made, otherwise I'll be sleeping on a bare mattress tonight.

My eating today hasn't been anything to shout about -- mostly just nibbling since I haven't really been hungry. Not sure what I'm going to do about dinner, although I do have some chicken breasts made and some leftover green beans. The one thing I won't be doing is going out. It "snowed" yesterday, but it's dry and crunchy and icy and I don't want to try and tackle the driveway today. I'll just hope I can get out tomorrow morning.

Well, off to finish a few more chores before I call it a night.