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Saturday, October 07, 2006

One Year, and 160 Pounds Gone

Thursday was my 1 year anniversary since I had gastric bypass surgery. Here are the 1 year stats:

Highest Weight (2005): 336.6
Weight Day of Surgery: 321.8
Weight on 10/5/06: 176.6
Loss Since Surgery: 145.2
Total Loss: 160.0

Obviously I feel great and don't regret my decision for an instant. I have been very lucky - no physical ailments (other than a bit of an ulcer which I'm treating with Priolsec); no serious emotional issues; no support or relationship problems.

I am far more active today than I was a year ago. I think that's one of the best things. I really enjoy moving and doing exercise. It really makes me feel good, whether it's a brisk walk with the dogs or belly dancing or doing yoga. I feel strong, I have stamina, I can feel muscles that I didn't know I had.

Of course, the biggest thing is my health. I'm still on thyroid meds, but I am off my blood pressure ones and am no longer borderline diabetic. My joints don't hurt, my back hasn't gone out in a year, I sleep better, I don't have acid reflux. It's amazing what you can focus on when you aren't worried about health concerns.

I guess the biggest indication of success is that there are days when I actually forget I've had surgery. I can go out to dinner and order what I want - I just don't eat as much. I make better food choices, both eating out and at the grocery store. I eat less processed food and more whole and organic foods. I look for lean proteins, high fiber, whole grains, low fat. I don't feel deprived when I eat. The biggest issue continues not feeling hungry and making myself eat when I don't want to. That I can live with - I think it's a lot harder for those who still mourn and miss food and who have to deal with head-hunger.

I couldn't have enjoyed this success without my wonderful support group of friends and family. Not one person was negative about the surgery, and all have continued to be supportive. Don has been wonderful, even sending me a dozen roses to celebrate my 1 year anniversary.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day and I'm about to hit the gym and even try a Core Cardio class. Later, we'll take the dogs for a hike and maybe take a second trip to the dog park in the same area. We took the dogs yesterday and they loved it. Not a lot else is going on. I plan on enjoying some outdoor time and spending time with Don... and just being thankful for getting my life back.



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