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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Joys of Dog & Home Ownership

We have been dealing with a mouse problem here at Casa Seeholzer. We've noticed some mouse poop in a few drawers and behind couches and under the TV, but it really escalated over the last few days. I insisted Don try humane traps, but for some reason, these mice don't go for peanut butter - they like wine corks, rice, insulation and baking mixes. We cleaned out the pantry and drawers on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night there was a fresh round of poo.

In addition, when I went to check the lazy Susan pantry we have, there was a mouse! Ugh! We put the dogs outside while we cleaned out the pantry and drawers. Understand it was 8:30 PM here - dark and wet because of all the rain we've been having. So Don and I were cleaning out the kitchen and discussing a plan of attack on the mice. About 30 minutes later, we had everything cleaned out and went to get the dogs back in. Baja came right away, but Jager just wouldn't come in. She was in a corner of the yard where the deck light doesn't reach so I went out the garage side door to call her in.

Don is getting pissed - we have mice, Baja came in rather muddy and Jager won't come in at all. I'm trying to be the peacemaker and get Jager in through the garage. I am in high heels and know I need to be careful on the wet grass so I step out of the garage carefully, but not carefully enough as I stepped in to a huge hole that Jager had dug! It was about a foot deep and around our in-ground sprinkler housing. So we have mice in the house, a huge hole dug by Jager and, to top it off, she had pulled out some of the sprinkler wires!

We think we have a handle on the mouse situation - Don got some poison which killed at least 4 mice (I helped dispose of the bodies) and two more pellets have been eaten. We have the sprinkler guys coming out to assess the damages and we're hoping it isn't too bad.

Anyway, life otherwise is going along fine. We did an IKEA run for some replacement bookshelves. That place is amazing. I pretty much knew what I wanted but still had to go through the IKEA maze. I can't imagine if Target was laid out in the same way but it works.

Don is in Dallas this weekend for the game and I have a list of To Dos including laundry, cleaning and the like so I plan on hunkering down and watching some football and maybe taking a bath at some point.

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