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Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Still Here

I just needed to take a short hiatus and rest my brain for a few weeks. Work is taking a lot of energy right now, and I was getting through some family/emotional stuff. Things are better now, and I'm feeling a bit more like myself.

We have a busy social agenda - I went to a Lynx game (WBNA) last night; we are going to a Twins game tonight; I'm going to the Albertville Outlet Mall tomorrow and then hanging with my friend Jen on Sunday. I do need a manicure in a bad way. Don and I just cleaned out the garage - ugh, what a dirty job. It did go a lot faster with the two of us moving and sweeping.

I am going through a bit of a general feeling of detox/cleansing - physically, emotionally, etc. I've been in a cleaning frenzy both at home and at work. I've been researching doing a detox/cleanse diet for a few days. I think part of the general feeling of malaise is the time of year - the end of summer, knowing winter is around the corner, the shortened days, the fact Don is back covering the Vikings. The good news is that he's done covering camp, so no more daily commutes to Mankato (about 90 minutes from us). The weather is better, too - it's cooler and not nearly as humid. WE finally got some rain, so things are looking more lush and less shriveled up and dried out.

In fact, we had two big storms - the first and worst hit around 3:00 AM Saturday (after Don had gotten home after midnight from covering the Vike's preseason game). We got 2 inches of rain in an hour, 70 MPH straight line winds, hail, constant thunder and lightening. We were pretty lucky - only one chair blew off our deck onto our lawn, our BBQ blew over and our large table flipped (but the glass top didn't break). Our one "loss" was our purple kiddie pool that was under the deck. We never found it - and we have a fenced yard! A few neighbors got hit worse - siding blown off, trees blown down, roof damage. The second storm wasn't as bad but we still got hit with rain and wind.

Anyway, that's the less-than-exciting update. I'm off to check in with everyone...

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