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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally, The Weekend!

What a day at work yesterday! Our two phone menus (client and advisor) crashed right at the start of business so calls were getting dropped. We decided to route all of the client calls to our operator queue (we've been testing the option of letting clients press "0" to speak to a live person to route their calls), but out of the 10 agents we staff, 1 was on PTO and 4 called in sick!!! We then had to rush and add the operator queue skill to a bunch of domestic agents. Meanwhile, 9 virtual agents were having tech issues with their phones so they couldn't log in for 2 hours. ALSO, there were political demonstrations in India, which delayed our agents getting into the Mumbai site. Of course, as we are trying to fix the client menu, the advisor menu went down, which was dumping all the calls into one of our queues who then had to transfer the call. We were getting complaints about that process (plus calls were backing up - up to 50 waiting for 5+ minutes) so we switched to where the advisor could at least choose the product they wanted (Mutual Funds, Insurance, Annuities, Brokerage) and we then had to add those skills to all the associates in those queues. The worst was the manager who runs the Command Center was on PTO so I had to oversee all of that. I usually work 7 - 3:30 (actually it's usually 6:30 - 4 or later) but I had planned on leaving at 3:00 because Don was covering training camp and the dogs were inside from 7 to 4 - much longer than they are used to. I had to drag my laptop home and manage the process from here... Needless to say, I had a few beers last night...

Don was up and out of the house early (7:15 AM) to cover practice at training camp. He opts to drive 90 minutes each way rather than overnight in Mankato, which is great for me but I know is hard on him. The weather today is supposed to be OK - 88 with low humidity, but the temps and humidity levels are rising over the next few days with no relief in sight, so think cool thoughts for him. It's nice out right now (8:45 AM) but I know it will only get hotter, and he will be down there until about 7:00 PM (home at 8:30 or so). It's a long day for him, but it's only for a few weeks.

I am planning on hanging out with my friend Jen for the day. I don't know what we have on tap other than a pedicure (desperately needed!!) and lunch. I've talked about getting a tattoo, but I am not 100% sure on that. I just need to get out of the house for a bit. Tomorrow is going to be all about chores - laundry, house cleaning, errands, etc.

No big surprise but insurance is not going to cover part of my plastic surgery. I was, pleasantly surprised, at the price difference - $17,000 (with insurance) vs. $18,000 (without). I thought it would have been more of a difference, and it will still be a grind to get the money together, but a $1000 is not that big of a hurdle in the scheme of things. The interesting thing is that my insurance (Medica) will only cover medically needed plastic surgery within 2 years of weight loss surgery. Now that I know what I need to save means there isn't a deadline of October 5 to have insurance kick in $1000.

Off to shower up and get somewhat presentable for my day out. I've already cleaned out the fridge and made my grocery list for the week. The dishwasher is running and I have dinner planned for tonight (tilapia tacos - yum!).

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