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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And, Yet, Another Day

I could retire here. The endless days of beach walks, reading, swims in the pool, trying new restaurants. It's all good.

The best was seeing some long-time friends of my parents who were "missing" for a bit. This was a woman who arranged my brother's baby shower, who helped my parents adjust to having a new baby in the house (ME!!), whom my mom was her maid of honor... For whatever reason they fell out of touch and recently reconnected via Google. We had a wonderful lunch catching up - and I'd love to see them again. Their oldest son, Willie, was someone I got into a lot of trouble with (although I deny it) and I'd love to see him again...

Meanwhile, Don and I are getting ready for our anniversary dinner at the Wine Cask in Santa Barbara. They catered our wedding, so we always go back there for our anniversary dinner. It will be nice, but somewhat bittersweet as we get ready to head back to Minnesota. We have our reservation at a Holiday Inn Express outside of Denver for Thursday which will make our final leg easier....

Off to get ready for dinner...



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