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Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

The sun has finally come out of hiding. We've had back-to-back days of full sun, which has been nice. I have now read 3 books - "The Red Tent," "The Thirteenth Tale," and "Eat.Pray.Love." I would highly recommend all three. They are all coming-of-age stories in their own way, and I will be taking wisdom from each going forward.

My mom is here now. We've been hanging out, reading and catching up. We have found a new game for the dogs - fetch the stick on the beach. Don and I took Baja & Jager to the beach on Tuesday. It was so overcast and early and the beach was deserted. We decided to let them off-leash, which isn't something we normally do since I know not everyone loves dogs and ours can be a little hard to control when they see new people. Anyway, since there was no one on the beach, we let them off leash and Baja found a driftwood stick, about the length of your forearm. We must have tossed the stick 50 times (OK, not that many, but close) into the ocean, and they both ran after it again, and again, and again.

Both the dogs ran into the ocean, including letting waves crash over their heads. There was also a pod of dolphins about 20 yards (if that) off the shoreline that they noticed. On Thursday when we took them, we didn't see and dolphins, but Jager chased several flocks of birds, and we saw dead squid, dead lobster, and dead stingray. Luckily, they haven't tried to roll around in them!

Off to have dinner, and maybe play a game of UNO!

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