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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Aliens Have Not Abducted Me

I know my posting has been spotty at best. Work continues to be super busy and I am whipped by the time I get home. I've been working a lot of 10 hour days. I did have yesterday off, and spent a good part of the day at Mall of America shopping for shorts that fit. I am actually in a size 10 in pants, which just blows me away since I haven't lost any more weight.

We did get a new addition to our family on Thursday - our new Honda Civic! It's so cute - it's Tango Red and has a sunroof. I am going to love driving it. It has some cool features and looks very sporty.

It looks like rain today, so we'll take the dogs for a hike early. Jager has made friends with the 12-week old puppy two doors up. I've never seen her play so much. The good thing is that it tires both of them out. Baja is still a little big to be playing with the pup, but she's a lab, so once she grows a bit we'll introduce Baja to her.

We don't have much else on tap for today. We might go see "Ocean's Thirteen" if the weather doesn't clear. Tomorrow is Pride in Minneapolis, and I have tentative plans to go watch the parade with a few friends. It's supposed to be really hot, but hopefully not too humid.

Off to change to get ready for a hike since PJ bottoms probably aren't the best choice. I promise to get around to everyone this weekend and check in on you guys!

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