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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reality Check

It has been hard to get back into the groove after 5 days of vacation. This does not bode well for my return to work after 2 weeks off in July.

To top it all off, my return on Monday included covering my boss' staff meeting where the hot topic was budgets. Better than any sleeping pill, trust me. Plus, they kept the room partially dark, which only added to the sleepy feeling.

The good news is I just need to make it three more days, then I'll have three days off, three days at work and three days off again.

No big plans for Memorial Day weekend. We're still not sure what the weather is going to be like - no big surprise for Minnesota. I'd like to grill and get outside, but I think we're expecting thunderstorms. As long as we can take the dogs for a hike or two, we should be good. We did take them for a different hike around a marsh area on Friday. Baja still found a dead fish to chomp on, but at least he didn't roll in it this time!

We finally have our check from the mortgage company, so as soon as it clears we can pay off three credit cards in full and get to putting money away in savings. That will be a nice feeling. I've already put one credit card away, although I won't cancel it. The other two are emergency cards, which I'll carry and just not use. We're trying to pay for everything with the debit card or cash. It's been hard, but we've been pretty good so far.

The only other big thing on the horizion is trading our 2-door Honda Civic for a 4-door Civic in mid-June. I'm looking at a red one with a sunroof. Don will get a new CRV in August. We figure that our Honda dealership is close and we've had good luck with that brand, so we'll stick with it. Neither of us are big car people - I like something comfortable, but I don't need a lot of bells & whistles (other than a sunroof!). We like having one sedan-type and a 4WD SUV for bad weather days and hauling stuff (like the dogs!).

That's about it for now. I see I'm coming up on 100,000 visitors - that will be a major milestone!!

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