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Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am on the second day of five days off. We took the dogs for an early hike. It was so nice - it was on the cool side, around 50 degrees (after two days of unexpected 90+), and there was no one on the trail. I ran some errands, including picking up a swim suit that actually fits and a sweater (for $7) and a skirt (for $13) at Target.

I have a follow up appointment with my PCP today regarding my depression meds, which should only take about 15 minutes. I'm having lunch with a friend and then Don and I are meeting with our financial planner. In between all that, I'm hoping to spend some time out on the deck reading and playing with the dogs.

Tomorrow, I have a therapy appointment and then lunch with another friend. Don and I are planning on seeing "Shrek 3" tomorrow night as well. I'm hoping we can take the dogs for an early run to the dog park, especially if the weather is supposed to hold.

I don't know what we're going to do over the weekend. We've talked about going to the zoo, maybe finding a batting cage/mini golf course. There's also another walking path around Purgatory Lake that we might explore with the dogs to give them something else to do.

There is a funny story out of yesterday's hike... Around the trail, there are a few places where we can go down to the lake shore. This allows the dogs a chance to splash around in the shallows and to get a drink. We went down and the dogs got a drink and sniffed around, as usual. Baja came upon a dead fish, and instead of just smelling it, he started rubbing his muzzle on it, much to Don's surprise! We had a good laugh and continued on. At the boat launch, we repeated the drill - dogs splash around, get a drink, sniff - and, again, Baja finds a dead fish in the tall grass and starts rolling in it! We called him Fish Head for the rest of the day. Don thinks it's better than the time Jager rolled in horse manure, but I think dead fish smell is far worse.

Today is the 11th anniversary of when Don and I first met. I always give him a hard time about giving me his wrong phone number (it was a new number for him, and he transposed numbers) and not calling the (right) number I gave him. His comeback is always that it worked out for the best in the end. The funny thing is, I kept the napkin with the wrong number. Even when I moved in with him, I had it hanging on our bulletin board, just as a little inside joke. He was always trying to get me to throw it away. At our rehearsal dinner, I actually put the napkin in a box and gave it to him as my wedding gift. He tried to burn it, and it wouldn't catch fire! It's now framed and sitting on our mantle as a reminder of second chances.

Other than that, things are good. My weight continues to sit right between 162.4 and 165 without too much food manipulation. I've actually been eating pretty well - Chicken Parmigiana with asparagus last night, grilled tri-tip with cucumber/red onion/tomato salad (with feta cheese and Kalamata olives), citrus/garlic grilled chicken. I think that sitting down at the table every night with Don has helped me get into a routine with dinner.

Food is becoming less and less of an issue for me. I still don't feel any hunger, and I have to force myself to eat, but I don't seem as "afraid" of food as I have been. I know I can eat more but it's still a hell of a lot less than I used to. Since doughy carbs are hard for me to eat (soft breads, rice, pasta, potatoes) I stay away from them and focus on protein, veggies and fruit. For instance, a meal in years past might have been a large rib-eye steak and a baked potato with butter and sour cream. I might have made a pass at veggies, but they were never a major part of the meal. Now, it's 4 ounces of meat, veggies (asparagus, broccoli, green beans, etc.) and a salad (with things like red onions, beets, peppers, grape tomatoes, cheese, nuts).

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for the doctor.

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