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Friday, April 06, 2007

Winter, Part II

I am not dealing with this drastic change in weather very well. My mind and body are ready and expecting spring-like temps, but we're getting mid-30s with wind chills in the single digits. I mean, 3 degrees at 6:30 AM in April? What kind of hell am I living in? At least we're not getting snow. Some northern MN cities got 8 - 12 inches while we just got a dusting that didn't stick around past sunrise. Mentally I have already put my winter gear away, and I have a hard time remembering how to dress for these kinds of temps. I guess the good news is that I still have more winter clothes than spring/summer wear, so I have more couture options.

It's supposed to be a quiet day at work with the financial markets closed. I have a few things to finish, but no meetings and not too much to do other than manage the real time capacity. It will be a nice day to get some things cleaned up and filed - a little spring cleaning around the desk. It's amazing how dusty an enclosed office can get. It seems like I just wiped down all of my desk surfaces a few weeks ago, and now they are all covered in a fine dust.

No big plans for the weekend - a possible appearance at coffee tomorrow after a much-needed visit to the gym. Not sure what we may do with the dogs. If it's warm enough, I'd love to do a hike around the lake at least one day. The funny thing is that a hike used to sap all their energy for at least the rest of the day, if not into the next day. Now, it just seems to get them more revved up! I keep telling Don we need to try for two laps (5.5 - 6 miles) but I worry that half way through the second lap, Jager's leg would start giving her trouble and we'd end up carrying her the rest of the way. Trust me, the last thing either of us needs is to carry a 50-pound dog half way around a lake.

I seem to be feeling a difference after a week on the anti-depressants. It doesn't seem like the world is shrinking around me and I don't feel like there is a black cloud over my head 24/7. I think I'm finally getting some good sleep, which also helps my overall mood. I wish I didn't need drugs to help me feel normal, but it's nice to not to have the overall anxious/panicky feeling all the time. Tasks don't seem so overwhelming and I actually feel like I can get things accomplished without worrying about what isn't done yet.

That's about all from here. Just trying to stay warm and stop thinking about spring!!

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