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Thursday, April 26, 2007

TGI Thursday!

Can I just say how much I love three-day weekends? I have tomorrow off and am looking forward to the long weekend with sunny skies and warm temps. It's going to be a great weekend to be outside. I do have some gardening to do, but plan to spend most of the time out on the deck with a book and the dogs. Don will be at the Vikings' facility monitoring the very long, very boring draft. He'll have to be there about 8-9 hours, along side crazy fans clad in purple and gold. I do not envy him, that's for sure!

Other than relaxing in the sun, I do have some general housecleaning to do (in the AM before the sun hits the deck!) as well as a few errands - car wash, manicure, Trader Joe's. I was supposed to hang out Sunday with a friend but she has to work so I think we'll just meet for breakfast. We went out this past weekend and had a nice time - had breakfast, drove up the riverbank into St. Paul, stopped at a few really cool stores including the Midtown Global Market and then went to Trader Joe's. I had wanted to get home in time to spend a few hours outside, but the weather turned and it rained pretty much the remainder of Sunday.

Everything seems to be pretty much status quo. I think I'm finally in a comfortable place with my foods, and I have been eating 3 meals plus 2 snacks pretty consistently lately. I haven't been doing anything to try and lose weight and I seem to be maintaining pretty easily. I could probably be eating more if I would get back into an exercise routine, but this seems to be working for me and I can stay right around the 164 mark. I've actually looked in the mirror a few times this week and I think I can finally see it. So often I catch a glimpse of myself and still see all the flaws instead of all the progress. In fact, I was in the lunchroom today getting water, and the TV was running a Nutrisystem commercial and the guys says, "I lost 50 pounds!" and in my response (in my head) was, "Yeah, I wish I could lose 50 pounds." What? I really had to catch myself and wonder where that thinking was coming from. I mean, I could lose another 5-10 pounds pretty safely, but there is no reason to need or want to lose 50 more pounds.

I think that just comes from the many, many years of being in the "losing" mind set. This is just one reason why I'm trying to keep my weight stable rather than continuing to lose. It's a weird place to be in, especially after living in the "always needing to lose" neighborhood. I told my bariatric nurse that I did not want to be one of those people who constantly whined about losing these "last 5 pounds." At some point, I am going to have to learn to be happy with my body no matter the number on the scale.

I'm late night leader at work, so I'm here for another 64 minutes (not that I'm counting or anything!). Off to do some catch up reading!

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