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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back Home

We got home at 8:00 PM (CST) on Friday after two long driving days. We spent the weekend doing laundry, restocking the fridge (can't live on ginger ale and mayo), and getting back into the groove.

I spent Saturday going to the grocery store, getting the car washed and gassed up, doing laundry/ironing and reading the latest Harry Potter book (received at noon, finished by 11:45 PM). Sunday was all about going to the gym, a few more errands and just trying to get back to a normal schedule. We took the dogs for a hike, which totally wiped them out, and getting geared up for the upcoming week.

It's moving day for my "office" (i.e. CUBE) tonight. Starting tomorrow I will be on the same floor as the departments we support. I am at an "off-site" strategic planning meeting tomorrow, which should be interesting. I won't be able to unpack until Thursday, but I think I packed pretty well so getting organized should be a breeze.

I do have "thoughts from the road" but those will have to wait until later. Off to have dinner...



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