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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Four Seasons - One Month

Typical Minnesota fall - we've ranged from rainy (8 months of rain in one month in Southern MN) to warm (90 degrees earlier in the month) to frost (39 degrees in the metro this weekend) to flurries (snow in northern MN). I never know what to wear - shorts and sandals or sweaters and boots! Needless to say, I have quite the range of clothes in my closet right now!

Don's first road trip is this weekend. He is in Detroit, but didn't have to leave until late Saturday afternoon, so we got to spend some time together before he had to go off to the airport. I spent most of this weekend baking for my work potluck (I made my mom's friend's pizza bread, which came out great!) and watching the football games. Because the USC was on so late Saturday - 7:00 PM kick-off here - and I wanted to see the entire game, I didn't get to bed until very late for me, around 2:00 AM. The dogs could care less this morning and got me up at 7:00 AM Sunday morning.

I am struggling a bit with things that are going on with friends and people from the Obesity Help boards. I have one friend who is really depressed and talking of suicide, one friend who is wishing she didn't have the surgery (she has had a lot of medical issues and has lost too much weight) and one person who committed suicide (and killed her special needs daughter) because she couldn't get WLS. I didn't know her but the WLS community is pretty small, and when you hear about something like this it hits home. It seems like her insurance didn't cover the procedure and she didn't have the money to self-pay. She had a lot of medical problems plus she was taking care of her 20-year old daughter who needed 24/7 care and it finally became too much for her. She opted for suicide by getting into her car with the engine running and the garage door shut. Beside killing her daughter, she also killed her cats because the carbon monoxide got into the house. Her friend found the bodies, but it was too late. For whatever reason, these things are weighing heavily on my mind.

Anyway, I plan on doing some cleaning out of the closets & drawers. I thought I could start storing my summer stuff, but it's supposed to get back into the 80s this week, so I guess I better hold off for now. Plus, I need to finish some earrings I started beading yesterday. I know - exciting stuff happening here at Casa Seeholzer!

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