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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Almost Friday!

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! Where has the time gone? And it's almost March??

The hot stone massages were wonderful. If you haven't tried one, you have no idea what you're missing. Both Don and I were super relaxed for the rest of the weekend. We had an amazing dinner at Babalu in downtown Minneapolis. We both loved our dishes - I had a stuffed chicken breast with serrano ham and brie cheese with sweet corn mashed potatoes and he had a double-cut pork chop with sweet potato hash and a maple-chipotle glaze. The desserts were great as well. We usually split one, but two sounded really good - a trio dessert tamales which were stuffed with vanilla creme, chocolate mousse and a berry creme and I had a take off on key lime pie which was a layer of key lime creme and then a layer of graham cracker repeated 6 times. Yum. We weren't there late enough for salsa dancing, but next time we will be!

Don is off in Indy this week through Sunday for the NFL Rookie Combine where potential players strut their stuff for NFL teams. It's not very exciting, but part of the job, so I am flying solo for the rest of the week and the weekend. I have a charity auction/cocktail party to attend on Saturday to support two women I work with, so that will be fun. I think I am going to take some of my bonus from last week and go play at Mall of America. I am in sore need of some spring/summer clothes and I hope to catch a few end of the season sales since I am still without a proper winter jacket now that I have shrunk out of the one I had.

It's supposed to be an icky weekend weather-wise. After nearly a week at above freezing temps (we even got into the 40s a few days), most of the snow is gone save a few icy patches and some large snow drifts. I just tried to spread out some of the drifts along the edge of the driveway so when we supposedly get snow on Sunday it will be easier to shovel. Let me just add, shoveling in cowboys boots with no sole grip is not recommended. Also, letting your dogs out in the (muddy) backyard with the sliding glass door open while you are out front shoveling is not the best way to keep your cream carpets clean.

Foods are going well - I think part of that is I am finding my weight is stabilized as long as I eat on plan. I weighed myself on Monday and today (yes, I'm trying not to weigh every day) and I was the same weight. I'm still not eating as much as I should but I am keeping focused on protein and veggies/fruit. I made a kick ass Asian glazed pork loin with a warm broccoli slaw last night. I think as long as I keep my taste buds engaged with flavors, I am more apt to eat.

Yoga class kicked my butt on Monday. We added new positions, many of which I couldn't do fully. There was one where you start with standing with your feet in a wide stance. You put your hands on the floor, aligning your elbows with your knees. I was fine with that. And then the instructor said, "OK, now hook your knees on your elbows and lift your feet." Yeah, right. My legs feel like I did a heavy weight routine. It's all good, and challenging but I guess I never really thought yoga could be this physically demanding. We're working toward some headstand poses, so that should be interesting.

I will be working shorter hours tomorrow so I can get home to the dogs. They are full of beans with this weather, and if I get home before the freezing sleet I can try and take them for a walk. Otherwise, we may just play fetch and chase in the backyard.

Off to catch up on some of my blog reading!

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