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Friday, January 26, 2007

Crash, Minnesota-Style

I was involved in, what many would call, a minor fender-bender yesterday. We have a stop sign at the end of our street before merging onto a street without a stop sign. The woman in front of me turned, from the stop sign, onto the street and suddenly stopped. I had lifted my foot off the brake and rear-ended her. I was looking the other way for traffic and didn't expect her to stop. There is no damage to my car and only minor damage to her rear bumper. Regardless, she felt the need to call the cops. Initially, he wasn't going to write a report since there was so little damage, but she and her husband (who was a passenger) are claiming neck & back injuries. Give me a break - I hit her at less than 5 MPH! I'm annoyed and pissed - not only at myself for hitting her (ACCIDENTALLY), but for her and her husband for using a minor accident to financially cash in.

Anyway, I called in sick to work since I didn't get any sleep, my throat is sore and I was running a low-grade fever. Obviously, I'm a bit stressed but my great insurance company (Ameriprise) is clued into the fact the husband claimed he's had back/neck pain in the past. In California, the cops will only respond if there is more than $500 in damage or physical injuries. Since they insisted the cops respond, he not only had to write up a report, but he has to cite me as an "inattentive driver." Now, I have to fight that in court (or pay a fine).

No big plans for the weekend - maybe a movie, the gym, errands, etc. Both cars are in serious need of washing, we're running low on food supplies and I need a few frames to finish some photo projects. The dogs are in a sore need of a walk or a hike. I could use some serious down time to make sure I don't fully come down with the flu that seems to be going through our office (we're averaging 25+ people out sick a day). I am getting caught up on my Young & The Restless and bad daytime TV. Off to play sick patient and see if Don will wait on me hand & foot...

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