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Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Just A Number

I have pretty much come to accept that my weight, for the time being anyway, is going to fluctuate between 167 and 172. And that my BMI is going to remain around 26 (a "normal" BMI is 25 or less, which would be 159 pounds). My body has pretty much stopped losing inches, although my arms did go down another half inch or so.

But it's hard not to contain my excitement when I saw this number - 21%.

I asked one of the trainers to do my body fat while I was at the gym on Wednesday. I had it done back in July and I was pretty sure I couldn't be much below 25 - 26%. When he told me it was 21% I nearly wept. That means, at my current body weight, I only have 35 pounds of fat. Compare that to 164 of fat pounds prior to surgery. I almost weigh that now - total body weight - and that's what I used to carry around on my back and hips and knees of fat alone. So you must understand my excitement...

My eating has gotten a lot better, although hardly perfect. I am getting in 4 meals a day, and often 5 (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner). I am getting 100+ ounces of water in every day. I've remembered to take all of my supps (with the exception of calcium last night).

Not to toot my own horn, but the local paper, Eden Prairie News ran an article about me and my blog... Very cool, but hopefully not too many people I know will stumble upon it...

Off to play a rousing game of Super Scrabble with Don. He'll probably kick my ass, but it should be fun nonetheless.

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