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Thursday, December 07, 2006

First Steps

Thank you for all the great responses. They have really helped me get out of my head and focus on what's really important - my health.

I've made the first few steps in getting healthy physically and emotionally. I spoke to my nutritionist, Phil, and he came up with a food plan that won't freak me out too much - meaning he isn't forcing me to eat to my limits. I'll be eating 6 small meals (contrary to my surgeon's preferred 3 medium meals) with a focus on protein. Meal 1 will be 1 1/2 eggs and 3 flatbread crackers. Meal 2 will be a protein shake and 1/2 oz. almonds. Meal 3 is 2-4 oz. of chicken/steak/fish, veggies and a 1/2 serving of carbs. Meal 4 is fruit and nuts. Meal 5 is some cheese. Meal 6 is 2-4 oz. of fish/chicken and veggies. Granted I should be eating more but this is just a first step in getting my metabolism back in gear.

In addition, I will be weight lifting 3 times a week, yoga once a week and cardio 5 times a week for 1 hour. Again, the increase in exercise is to stimulate my metabolism in the hopes of creating hunger which will make me want to fuel my body. All I can say is that it worked last night - after getting home from the gym I downed 4 oz. of protein and 1/2 c. of coleslaw without a blink. The net result of actually eating over the last two days is a gain of 4 pounds but I also have to keep in mind that I get some wiggle room in that number. I just need to keep my weight between 167.5 and 172.5. I think by getting "permission" to stay within a weight range has helped me get a single number out of my head.

Finally, I placed a call to a group that has psychologists who specialize in eating disorders and body image issues. There is a 3-week waiting list, but I think that just by coming to terms with a few things, I can wait to see them until January.

I will be getting on the treadmill at home tonight since Thursdays are a late day for me at work and the gym can be such a madhouse after 5:00 - 5:30. Yesterday, when I was on the treadmill at about 5:30, some trainer came up with a child care group of about 7 kids and put them on treadmills running. The kid in front of me could barely keep up at 6.2 MPH and kept jumping off or grabbing on to the rails. I thought for sure he was going to lose his footing and fly right back into my machine. Of course, what really bugged me was that the staff thought using these resources for kids during the post-work rush was a good idea. I'm not paying $50 a month to have to share exercise equipment with a bunch of 12 year old kids.

I am off tomorrow with a ton of stuff to do. We're taking the dogs to try out a new kennel. They'll just be there for the day, but I want to be able to test it out and see how the staff interacts with them and how they play with the other dogs. The kennel we had been using just seems overwhelmed and understaffed. Plus, I really didn't like the owner's attitude. She seemed so put upon whenever anyone brought their dogs in. When I spoke to the owner of this new kennel, she seemed genuinely interested in Baja and Jager, their background, their personality, etc. While the dogs are enjoying "4-6 hours of play time," we will be getting our carpets cleaned. They are in sore need of it. The cream color is hidden by a fine layer of muddy paw prints that no amount of vacuuming is going to clean. Plus we had a little run in between Baja's furious head wag with a newspaper and a glass of red wine. Also, while I have some time, I need to break out the exterior Christmas lights and get those sorted out so we can hang them on Saturday before Don heads to Detroit. We only do the deck railing and the front porch railing, although I am hoping I can find a way to do 3 pine trees as well. I also need to hang the front door wreath and the 3 wreaths on our garage lights and do the evergreen garlands on the front porch. We will do the Christmas tree next weekend when Don has a home game. We went fake two years ago, and as much as I miss the Christmas tree scent, I don't miss the watering, falling needles and disposal of a real tree.

While Don is gone this weekend, I am trying to keep myself busy outside the house so I don't recluse too much. I have made a pedicure appointment for Saturday and have tentative plans to hook up with a friend on Sunday at the mall. Even if I don't need to buy anything, I can get some exercise in as well as getting into the spirit of the holidays.

I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks of work this year. I have the week between Christmas and New Year off, and I am really looking forward to having that time off, even though I don't have anything planned. It's just a good time to make sure the slate is clean for the start of 2007.

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