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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beautiful Weekend

Say what you will about Minnesota weather, and trust me, there is a lot to say, but they can sure serve up some gorgeous late fall days. We had a great weekend last week with temps in the mid-60s, and it's the same this weekend. I wasn't too sure when Halloween brought temps in the low-20s, which (or witch) cut down on our trick-or-treaters. There were even some mornings where it was in the teens for my drive in to work.

The last two days, however, have been just perfect - sunny, temps in the 60s, a gentle breeze. It's just too bad Don is on the road since it would have been perfect to take the dogs for long walks. We did take them to the dog park on Friday afternoon, and they had a great time. I think, if it was up to them, we'd just build a house right on the border of the park so they could play and explore every day. They have so much fun there. It's supposed to close at first snow, so I have another reason for not wanting that white stuff to come any time soon.

With Don on the road, I have been left up to my own devices, meaning a few shopping trips. I did finally get The Dress for my trip to London, but needed proper undergarments, so I bought two proper bras, one with rhinestones. I finally got into the right mind-set to try on clothes and found that I am a size 12 pant and medium shirt/sweater. It blows me away that I can be in those sizes, coming from a tight 26/28 on a good day.

Of course, this meant a good closet cleaning, especially with our clothing swap coming up in 2 weeks. I have a pile of too large clothes on my bedroom floor and a list of things I need to get me through the winter. Luckily, the Columbia winter jacket Danelle sent to me last year is a perfect fit, even with enough room to wear layers under it. I did pick up a down vest and fleece jacket on sale this weekend, so I think I have enough outerwear to get me through until spring.

So now it's time to do laundry, watch football, clean the stove (ugh), go through the massive number of catalogs that get delivered every day, maybe bead a little. All in all a good weekend



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