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Monday, November 13, 2006

Just Not A Lot To Say

I do feel bad about not posting more, but there isn't a whole lot going on in my life worth blogging about. I am still a pound from goal, although I did check in under 170 for about 5 minutes last week. I took down the ticker tracker since I am trying to be better about not only focusing on weight and trying (very hard) not to obsess about 1 freakin' pound.

I guess what I'm going through right now is more about body image issues and food issues, both things I do plan on getting professional help with soon. I find myself having panic attacks when I see my reflection, not knowing who I am looking at. I'm playing games with food - not eating what and when I should; seeing how long I can go without eating. I'm trying to get back on track by bringing breakfast and lunch to work and getting my water in early. I'm setting up reminders to take my pills. I am going to start recording my food intake, tracking my calories and protein.

Anyway, I am still planning on blogging, and my commitment is to do so more often. I just was afraid of admitting what I felt was failure when in reality, it's just one more path of this journey.



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