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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ringing In The New

Today is the last day of my 10-day vacation and I'm both excited to get back to work and a little bummed I don't have more time off.

The good news is that I did get a ton of stuff done around the house. I de-cluttered the heck out of pretty much every room, although I didn't touch the basement. I still have to box/bag it and call Salvation Army (the only organization which still picks up goods). I figure I can get that done this week. All in all, it will be about 5-6 boxes and probably 5-6 trash bags. I could probably stand to de-clutter even more, but this is a good first step.

Of course, I wish I could have done more on my To Do list, but all in all it was a productive, relaxing week. Most of the Christmas decorations are down and on the dining room table. We still need to dismantle the tree and pack everything away.

After a very dry and (relatively, by Minnesotan standards) warm winter, we were finally hit with 6.5 inches of snow yesterday. It had been raining straight for the last few days and it turned to snow around noon yesterday. It stopped just in time for Don to have to make the drive from downtown home. The roads weren't too bad, he said, but mixing fresh snow, slippery conditions and New Year's (read: Drunk Drivers) and there will be plenty of spin outs, fender benders and crashes. I was glad when he got home safely.

I did make New Year's Eve dinner - Honeybaked Ham (OK, I didn't make that), corn pudding, roasted Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes with spinach. We didn't make it to midnight, so I figure we can have a champagne toast tonight with the leftovers.

The rest of the day will be spent watching the Rose Bowl (Go, Trojans!!), finishing laundry (it's dry, just needs to be put away) and maybe playing a game of Scrabble.

Like everyone else, I do have a list of resolutions, however I think I am going to tweak it a bit and follow Cark's lead and come up with an Uberlist for 2007. I know things like spend more time reading (less time watching TV), getting healthy emotionally and financially, continue eating and exercising according to plan, etc. I just want to make it more specific.

Only 12 more hours of Vacation Shannin, and then it's back to the real world. Sure hope the roads are clear!!

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