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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catching Some Zzzzs

Sleep continues to be a wacky mix of sleeping through the night or waking up at 3:00 AM and not falling back to sleep. At least now it seems to alternate nights, so I am getting more sleep, despite not sleeping every night. I think part of the mix is that my body seems awfully out of synch, especially with some of the activities I have after work nowadays. Even though the days are getting longer, I am still at work before the sun rises and am getting home way after the sun sets, so I never see daylight. I mean, I do sit near a window, but it's behind me and I have been so busy at work that I don't get out much or spend a lot of time gazing out the window.

I guess the good news is, despite the cold (they call 19 here a "warming trend") and everyone else's illnesses, I have yet to get sick. I'm pushing the water hard, keeping up with exercise (I believe that sweat helps get the crap out of your system) and trying to eat more fruit and veggies. I may still be tired but at least I'm healthy in most other ways!

I had my second Ashtanga yoga class last night. The instructor commented on how well I was doing and was surprised when I briefly told her my story. She said she never would have guessed that I was ever that heavy. I'm feeling pretty great that I can keep up with the class and get into some of the deeper poses. I'm not lay-my-face-on-my-thighs flexible yet, but getting there. I also was up this morning and on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Since I have some later evening appointments, I'm trying to come into the office later rather than work 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Yes, it's all part of taking care of my mental well-being and having a better work/life balance.

No matter what I seem to eat, I am sticking right in between 167 and 170 - even after eating 2 slices of pizza, a full diet coke and candy on Monday. Ugh. No wonder I was feeling bloated. For the most part, I am doing exactly what I need to do to stay on track and continue to maintain my current weight. I am definitely not hungry (physically, anyway - head hunger is another matter at times). I have been pretty good about recording my food, taking my supplements, drinking my water, etc. so I am happy about that. I did pick up a Brita water filtered pitcher over the weekend and I think the water tastes pretty darn good. We have decent tap water here in the Twin Cities, but I like my water cold and this does take some of the aftertaste away. This should also cut down on the number of empty bottles that fill up our recycle bin every week (more room for wine bottles that way...).

On Saturday, Don and I are going to see comedian Lewis Black. We both find him hilarious and we're excited to see him live. We'll have dinner at Solera, one of my favorite downtown restaurants. It's all tapas, which makes it perfect for my eating habits, plus I get to taste a lot of different things. I thought about trying a new restaurant but this is so convenient to the theater (right next door), so we can valet park just once. The other option was to try the new restaurant at the Chambers Hotel, which is across the street, but they didn't have any good times (well, 6:00, but the show is at 8:00 and it won't take us 2 hours to eat). We may try there on Valentine's Day since it's mid-week.

I did book us a couples hot stone massage for the Saturday after V-Day. That should be really nice, especially because Don will be leaving the following week for several days (to exciting Indianapolis) so we'll get some couple time before he departs. The next few months are going to be busy - between our trips to California and Cleveland, his business trip to Indy and my business trip to Las Vegas we'll be racking up the miles!

Off to a support group for those who are a year or more out from surgery. I am kind of needing a more long-term perspective now that I am at goal and working on maintaining what I've lost.


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