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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

T-Minus 9 Days.....And Counting

I am really looking forward to my vacation. Although if rumors are correct, we will hear if we are impacted by the recent reorganization by 7/16 -- the day I'm supposed to leave. I also got a somewhat ominous e-mail from my boss stating that our next Leadership meeting was mandatory. Oppps....I'll be in Santa Barbara. I e-mailed her that, but haven't heard exactly how mandatory is mandatory. If it's important, maybe I can do it via conference call (I can take it by the pool.....).

Our weekend was nice, but it didn't seem long enough. We went to see Fahrenheit 911, which was very moving. I lost 17 people on 9-11, so the opening scene was very powerful. In my case, Michael Moore was preaching to the choir, but it gave Don and I something to discuss that night over dinner. I was surprised to see the theater so packed, especially with Spider-Man opening this weekend.

I did have to work yesterday, but we only took about 10% of our normal call volume, so I got a ton of paperwork, filing, e-mailing, etc. done.

Today, on the other hand, has really kicked my butt. The day after a holiday usually does as people return from the office and suddenly remember they need to make travel plans. They don't realize that all of our clients are in the same boat, and they can't understand why we are so busy, and can't I put them through to an agent right away? Hey, lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. Ah, well, it's all part of the job.

I do have a funny customer service story that happened on Friday. One of my agents told me that he had an irate client on the other line. I took the call, and it was a Social Worker from the County of LA. She was steaming mad about one of my top VIP agents. She says, "How dare she tell me she has issues with me!!" I'm frantically looking through the record trying to figure out what the heck she is talking about. What I found was that when my agent faxed her the ticket confirmation, she had typed, "Sue - have issued e-tickets." What actually appeared on the fax was, "Sue - have issue," and Sue took this to mean that my agent had issues with her. She would not accept my explanation. I finally told her to ask for one of the other 3 agents on the desk. Man, oh, man.... I think she was really upset that my agent insisted she get authorization to spend well over $1000.00 on a ticket when we could get it for closer to $500.00 with connections. Heck, it is tax payer money, we should be concerned and trying to help them save where possible.

Anyway, that was my exciting weekend.....


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