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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I Got Nothing.....

It seems like life has just been work, work and more work. I guess the good news is that the new leader in the office and I are enjoying a wonderful honeymoon where we seem to be in step and working as a team. That's so different that it has been, so that is a great change.

I can also tell my boss is busy trying to make sure I have a lot on my plate so anyone who is looking to do more reorganization will have to think, "We can't live without Shannin!" That's a little stressful -- two groups (one 60 and one 150 people), several projects, a lot of tasks around the office to help my new counterpart get acclimated, etc.

At least the sun is actually trying to make an appearance before 3:00 PM. I'm really hoping for a nice 4th of July weekend. Don will actually have Saturday and Sunday off (woo-hoo, two days in a row) and I really want it to be sunny so we can get some deck time together. Of course, what I am really waiting for is July 16 -- the start of my vacation.

Here's a funny thing. I just called Don to check in with him and I could hear the dog's barking in the background because the mail was coming. Don says to the dogs, "Hey, stop barking! I'm on the phone." Like the dogs know what a phone is. So, I'm laughing, and Don says to me, "It's important you talk to them, even if they don't know what you're saying." I use that philosophy with my staff sometimes.

I'm meeting with my nutritionist after work. My current food plan is just not working. It's very discouraging to eat nothing but a salad all day and still gain weight. It seems like a plan will work for a week or two and then my body adjusts and it stops working. This is kind of what happened when I tried Atkins. My fantasy has become winning enough money to hire a full-time chef and personal trainers (weight coach, yoga instructor, etc.). Nothing wrong with dreaming....

On a side note, Dean, my dad's partner of 14 years, had two of his songs recognized on the AFI's List of 100 Best Movie Songs. He had "Footloose" at #96 and "Fame" at #51. I only caught the last 45 minutes of the show last night, but I love any type of list. I can't really disagree with "Over the Rainbow" as #1, although the #2 song, "As Time Goes By" is one of my all-time personal favorites. We've kind of been debating the list all morning, and several people have weighed in with their own favorite. It keeps the day moving....


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