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Monday, June 14, 2004

Nothing New

We had a nice and quiet weekend. Got the house cleaned and some bouganvilla planted in the back yard. We BBQ'd last night, and I overate but I was on plan the rest of the weekend, so I'm not feeling that bad.

I only got one day of exercise in. For some reason, I just couldn't get motivated yesterday. It was such a nice day out, I just wanted to hang out on the deck with the dogs and Don and get some reading done. Every once in awhile, I think it's probably OK to spend the day completely relaxing.

This week should be pretty mellow as well. I only have a few conference calls and it seems like my meeting demands have diminished -- probably because the "upper levels" of management are still working on the whole reorganization. This actually gives me a chance to get some older tasks off my To Do list. Plus, because of scheduling, I will actually be working 9 AM - 6 PM all week and I can get a good long walk in before I come into the office. Plus, I'm in countdown mode to our Santa Barbara vacation -- 5 weeks.

The thing I want to accomplish this week is cleaning out the clutter in my bathrooms and linen closet. FlyLady is having a Super Fling. For those with clutter, this gives you some great motivation to tackle at least part of your house. Tonight, I'm going to do the small bathroom, which should be a breeze. Tomorrow will be the big bathroom and might take a day or two....

So far, I'm on plan for the day. I'm feeling good and energized and ready to take on the week!


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