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Thursday, June 10, 2004

To Hell With The Best Laid Plans.....

I got home last night and was really hungry. I had missed my last two lemon drinks because I was in with my boss. We were going to walk the dogs, but all I wanted to do was eat, and what I wanted to eat was Mexican. We ended up going over to Paco's Tacos, definitely the bane of my diet plans. In fact, I had planned on putting this on my June goals -- NO PACO'S -- but I figured I'd never be able to meet that goal. Having said that, I am going to add it. It's not like I made horrible choices. I did get the carnitas and didn't eat it all, but I did eat until I was uncomfortably full. Coupled with the missed walk, probably not my most shining moment in the past 2 weeks.

However, I did rebound this morning and got up and took the dogs and my husband for a 45 minute walk (about 1 1/2 miles). I had forgotten how invigorating morning exercise is. To top it all off, when I got on the scale, I was actually down, despite my Paco's feast. Lesson learned however -- I cannot jeopardize my progress by eating at Paco's once a week. Once a month, however, is allowed.

Some may have guffawed at my post yesterday when I said we had to spell certain words in front of the dogs. Well, this today from CNN. And if you need further proof, let me tell you about this morning. Jager is our "little brunch girl." She would stay curled up in bed until 9:00 AM at least if it wasn't for Baja's frantic breakfast act. This morning, at 6:55 AM, when I rolled over and asked the sleepy dogs if they wanted to go on a walk, you would have thought I just offered them a 40 ounce steak. Jager and Baja both started whining and whimpering and licking my face. Of course, both dogs had to "help" us get dressed which involved them sitting on my shoes as I was trying to tie them and trying to grab socks out of Don's hands.

I do have pictures to post this afternoon when I get home. I was having fun last night with my digital camera and there are some really cute ones, although nothing can capture their excitement when I mention W-A-L-K or D-O-G P-A-R-K.

Here is to a better day of food choices. I have the exercise part down, now it's just up to me to make the right meal decisions.


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