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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Date Night

Don was able to get tickets for the 6:20 showing of Shrek 2, so I'm really excited. We'll probably pick up a quick bite to eat as well, making this an "official" date. With our work schedules being so crazy, we haven't really gotten to spend any time together -- other than crashing on the couch -- so this will be a nice change in pace.

With little else to say, I will take a page from Denise:

Go to Google and type your name into the search box. What do YOU come up with?

The first hit is actually this web site. Interesting.

Shannin Schroeder is an Assistant Professor of English and Foreign Languages
Shannin Chamberlain is 10 and has cancer (hopefully not an omen)
Shannin Strom owns Red Buckle Shoe Handbags
Shannin Watkins has her minutes posted

Hardly exciting.....


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