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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Catching my Breath

OK, I didn't really have Hot Tamales AND hash browns....just the Hot Tamales.

Something happened late in the day yesterday and I didn't really want to deal with it. One of my employees let me know that two items had been taken off his desk. This is the fourth time items have been missing. Being in the travel industry, we get a lot of swag or take away items -- things like model planes, rubber ducks, pens, stress balls, travel candles, mints, etc. We all have shitloads of them on our desks. I know it's one of the other employees who has a beef with my guy, but I can't prove it. I mean, I am the youngest one in the office and sometimes I feel like I'm the most mature. Are we in business or in kindergarten? Anyway, I was still upset this morning that I have so much on my plate right now (usually not a problem, because I just eat it....LOL) that I really do not have the time to waste on petty crap like this. Calgon, take me away....

I did crank at work today. Got out 30 UPS packs to help our employees celebrate Wear Purple for Peace on Monday. I sent out information on peace, tolerance and diversity on purple paper (natch) and included little plastic peace signs. We try and do something around diversity each month, and I'm on both the local and the regional diversity team. The only thing I didn't get done and that I have to do tomorrow is my expense report. I rarely have expenses, but it's a somewhat laborious process so I tend to put it off until the last minute. Tomorrow is the drop dead date, otherwise I'm "reported" to the GM of our group.

I'll be watching the last "Frazier" tonight. I kinda stopped watching about 2 seasons ago, but was drawn back in for this one. It's kind of like "Friends;" I was there at the beginning and I want to be there for the end. Weird, I know.

Off to do my final task for the day -- pricing for some groups traveling from 9 international cities to either Atlanta or Miami.


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