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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Home Improvement 101

Don and I bought our house August 2001, so for those slow at math, we have been living in our abode for 2 years and 8 months.

For that entire time, our big front window has not had curtains, blinds or shutters. It's a double-wide window and looks out over our front yard and the street. At night, when we're in the living room, we're clearly visible by people walking along the street. It hasn't really bothered me much, but I think that's because I had gotten used to it. We had discussed getting some type of window coverings, but just kept putting it off.

Well, we finally got off our collective asses and went to 3 Day Blinds. We now have proper window coverings! They actually look very nice in the room and it does make a difference, not only from a privacy point, but the window faces west so it's a nice sun blocker as well. The added bonus was supposed to be to block the view of Baja and Jager so they didn't bark at every single 4-legged creature that meanders by their "kingdom." unfortunately, Jager seems to have a sixth sense, and she can still tell when other creatures are crossing her turf. (My first clue should have been while we were in Santa Barbara, Jager was asleep, and woke up to bark at 3 coyotes crossing the field.)

Anyway, this has gotten me to think about goals for the month, and how they shouldn't just be about food and exercise since when I have a clean and organized house, the rest of my life seems to become clean and organized. So, drumroll please.....

Goals for May

1. Eat according to plan set forth by Nutritionist Phil
2. Exercise on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
3. Purchase/install front blinds DONE
4. Week of Spring Cleaning (week of 5/29 - 6/6)
5. Drink 100 oz. of water per day
6. No drinking alcohol alone
7. Attend at least one social event
8. Reach out to friends at least once a week
9. Take time to read at least 30 minutes per day
10. No eating out of the vending machines
11. No fast food (exception: El Pollo Loco)

I use a Franklin Planner, and have for about 5 years. One of the teachings is to fill out a Weekly Compass so you have your bearings for the week. You should do something Physical, Social/Emotional, Mental and Spiritual each week. On top of that, any roles you have defined for yourself (for me I am: WIFE, LEADER, "MOM") you should list weekly goals to help you with those roles. I haven't been using this effectively, and would like to start using it as a tool. When I looked at my goals for this month, I tried to incorporate some of those.

I'm pretty excited about these goals, and think that they are really achievable. I've been organized before, I know I can do it again....


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