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Friday, April 23, 2004

2 1/2 Days Down, 7 To Go

The most amazing thing happened today. In front of me was a huge platter of huge pastries and a bowl of strawberries. I didn't even hesitate -- I made up a plate of 10 strawberries. A step in the right direction, yes? One can only hope.

My outlook has gotten a lot better as I realize my new definition of "on plan" is something actually workable. I've eaten on plan. It might not be perfect diet food, but I haven't eaten to the point of being stuffed. I even had a couple of pieces of chocolate and didn't feel guilty or that I had blown the whole day.

Of course, the great weather we are having is helping with my overall mood. It's bright and sunny and I believe it's supposed to be this gorgeous for the weekend.

Don is working both days, although both shifts are 10 AM to 7 PM, so we'll get to wake up a bit before he has to rush off to work (I'd say sleep in, but Baja's idea of sleeping in is 7:00 AM) and he'll get home before it's fully dark. No major plans -- I was going to visit my friend with cancer but we're going to go next weekend instead. Which may mean I might be able to meet up with Denise.

Off to actually finish some work. It's been a very lazy day, although my desk is almost completely clean and I am caught up from my week off -- for the most part.

For anyone watching their snacking, whatever you do, do not come into arm's length of these -- way too addicting.


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