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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hump Day

Man, when it rains, it agent out for 3 weeks on jury duty (funny aside: she has been saying for weeks she wanted to get on a case. When she reported, she found out that it was for murder by decapitation. She has a weak stomach and wanted to get off the case, but the judge wouldn't excuse her. Moral: Be careful for what you wish for!), one agent leaving for vacation, one agent retiring (no replacement as of yet), two agents getting displaced. There are times like this where I really wonder why I am in management. I hate giving bad news, I hate dealing with staffing problems. I prefer looking at big picture stuff and doing presentations, reports, etc. Oh, well. It pays the bills, even if I have to lose sleep over it.

I'm also dreading my nutritionist appointment this afternoon. I know I'm going to be up and it just kills me that I'm paying a professional to tell me exactly what to eat and I don't do it. Why not just toss the money out the window? To top my wonderful day off, I have a big trade show tonight that I need to go to. I've skipped out the last 2 years, but our company has two booths and, as a leader, I should go. I don't like crowds, and travel agents are notoriously greedy. My mom would call them "grabinskis." Anything free is fair game and one is never enough ("I have to get some for the office.") Geeze, it's just pens and post-it notes.

I did take the time to put up a profile which includes a photo of me. It's from last summer and I don't always wear glasses, but it's pretty decent. I'm also going to try and post a photo here as I try out a new service:

Off to play some more as I wrap up conference calls....


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