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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Four Days In

So I am officially past the half way point in the 7-Day Cleanse, and you might wonder how I'm doing.

Good, and not-so-good.

I did have a mini meltdown late last night. I confirmed with my doctor that I was going to have to come in for my 10:00 AM appointment fasting for 12 hours and no water after midnight. I knew there was no way I could possibly go from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM with just a swig of lemon juice as my last meal. I thought long and hard about it, and finally decided I would have chicken and veggie stir fry with noodles (Trader Joe's frozen section). There was only about 5 ounces of chicken and about 1 1/2 cups of veggies, so even though the package suggested 3 portions (of minute proportions, I might add), I ate the entire bag. Calorie-wise, that was only about 800 calories, but I still kind of freaked out because I had "gone off plan." Also, because I didn't really have a container to put my lemonade concoction into for after the doctor's, I took a small grapefruit juice (70 calories) this morning.

Having said that, I am back on plan now, although I did grab a Diet Coke a little while ago. Also, according to my scale, I am now at 313.0, which is about a 5 1/2 pound drop from Sunday morning. As a little ego boost, my doctor's scale read 310 (actually, the first nurse who weighed me put me down at 304). I told my doctor that most people complain about their doctors' scales, but I was very happy when I saw her's. She even put 310 in my chart since that way we will always be comparing apples to apples when I see her.

My doctor's visit went well. She had done up some blood work about 2 weeks ago and my numbers seemed way off. Instead of saying, "Well, that's just how it is," she made sure to re-do it and send it to another lab. She also explained that I am "metobolic resistant" and there is nothing more that I can change (diet and exercise) because this is just how my body operates naturally. Even if I did reach the ideal weight, I would probably always have problems processing food and nutrients, which means I will have to continue to take meds to combat this. The good news is that my blood pressure was good -- still borderline high at 132/84 (she wants 130/80) -- but she thought this was a big improvement. She is happy with my food and exercise plan, although instead of cardio of 4 times a week for 60 minutes, I should try 5 times a week for 45 minutes. I have a hard enough time getting into the gym 4 times, but it's something to strive for,

As far as the cleanse, I had to seriously look at how it's affecting me. Last night was hard, and I did feel like a failure. However, I do think that if I can stick with it for another few days and get the scale to read 309, it will be worth it. Also, even though I was really hungry and looking for any excuse to put solid food in my mouth, I didn't cave in and "reward" myself by going to Paco's Tacos for a #9. I made a healthier choice by eating something with veggies and protein, and even though I went over the recommended portion, I don't think I harmed myself too badly. I mean, 800 calories in 3 days is nothing! I am feeling much better because of the cleanse, and while I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone, it is pretty powerful if you need do drop water weight for a special event in a short amount of time. I understand that Howard Stern's sidekick, Robin Quivers, has lost 60 pounds while drinking the lemonade for breakfast and lunch and then having a healthy dinner. I can't say I could ever do that, but I could stick with this for another week or so if I got to eat at least 1 meal a day.

Off to check in with my nutritionist. His scale weighs me more than my own scale, so I have to remind myself not to let those numbers affect me in a negative way,


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