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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This Week's Sign

I'm amazed at what technology offers us. I can even say, "I remember when movies came out on Beta!" Now, with the advent of DVDs and Amazon, you, too, can own the first season of the award-winning sitcom"Who's the Boss" for a mere $32.76 (suggested retail, $39.99). I mean, who is buying this crap?

OK, off my soap box.....

I've added two new reads to my blog. Annie is writing from California and Stefani is writing from Ontario, Canada. Go check them out!

I believe the end of TTOM is almost at an end. I got on the scale and it's down to 316, so I'm sure by the weekend I'll be back to the 314/313 range. Eating was on plan yesterday. I didn't exercise because of my work schedule, but since I'm getting off early and Don is off, we have a plan to walk the dogs this afternoon. The funny thing is, we can't even say the word WALK, we have to spell it out, otherwise the dogs go nuts. It's the same with TREAT, DINNER, BREAKFAST, and BUBBLES.

A funny thing happened on my lunch errand to the grocery store yesterday. The store I usually go to just had a facelift, going from a regular Ralph's to a Ralph's Fresh Selection (which means changing everything around so the Pam is now in the aisle that used to house the cleaning products -- very frustrating when I only have 60 minutes to grab everything I need) and they are in the middle of their "Grand Re-Opening." I guess I was there at the right time because I won a free bag of groceries. When I got to my car, I took a peek and noticed right away that some of the items were going to be problematic -- a big bag of Tositos chips and Chips Ahoy cookies. When I got back to work, I took them right in to the employee lounge. Yeah, me!

Off to work on this 1.5 liters of water so it's finished before lunch.


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