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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Story Time

With nothing exiting to report, I've decided to make today's post a bit of a humorous story about Baja & Jager.

We have an enclosed dog run behind our garage where we usually leave the dogs when we are at work. At the time, both Don and I worked close enough to home to come home for lunch and let the dogs out of their run for a bit of a romp. It was my turn, and everything seem pretty normal -- Jager shot out of the run, but Baja was just sitting in the back. I noticed something dangling from his mouth. I called him out and discovered that they were Jager's tags from her collar. I called Jager over to get her collar off so I could reattach the tags, and, with a sinking feeling in my stomach, realized she didn't have her collar on. I searched high and low in the run, lifting up the Dog-gloo, the water dish, etc. I came up with part of the plastic buckle and about 1/2 inch of nylon collar.

I called Don, and he rushed home so we could take the dogs to the vet. We figured that Baja, during one of their wrestling matches, had gotten Jager's collar off. They took X-rays and saw some of the plastic in Baja's digestive tract. Nylon wouldn't show up, so we had to give each of them a high fiber diet (yummy) and poke through their poop to recover as much of the collar as we could. Most of it did come out of Baja with a little of it out of Jager. We ended up recovering 23 inches out of 24. To this day, the vet staff recognizes us as the parents of the dog who ate the collar.

In the end, it wasn't too horrible. I was more worried that we would have to open him up (I watch too much Emergency Vets) and I was not ready for that. I can laugh about it now, but that sick feeling I got when I first realized Jager didn't have her collar on is not one I want to repeat. (Although I almost did this weekend -- Don had said he left his beach towel on the chair outside, and I had seen it earlier, but when I went to bring it inside it was gone -- and I immediately thought, "Oh, God, the dogs at the towel!" Actually, Don had brought it inside.)

So, for all of those who have pets or kids who do silly things, this one's for you!


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