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Friday, August 06, 2004

Proposal Friday

I enjoyed reading about Dazed's proposal so much, I thought I would post mine.

Don and I had been discussing marriage for some time, but he wasn't ready to propose yet -- he wanted a better job. It was getting to the point where I thought, "Maybe Glamour was right -- most men think why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" But my birthday was a few days off and then there would be Christmas. I had decided that if he hadn't proposed by the end of the year (1998), I was going to have to talk to him about it.

So, it's September 1, 1998. Don and I were going to meet some friends at the Baja Cantina after work. My last appointment of the day was running late (Shannon from British Air -- I will always remember that), thus making me late in hooking up with my friends. I hated to be late because Kristi used to rag on me when I kept her waiting (dysfunctional friendship -- long story for another day), so I rushed into the apartment to get Don. He had to brush his hair before we left, and as he went into the bedroom said, "Oh, a package came for you from my sister. It must be your birthday gift." As I said in #32 of 100+ Things About Me, I cannot let an unopened package remain so. I figured while he brushed his hair, I could at least peek at it, even if my birthday wasn't until the 5th. I also thought I knew what it was -- his sister's famous caramel corn. Yum! I opened the box not paying too much attention to the address or return address or to the packaging. All I saw was a tupperware full of caramel corn.

Don had come out of the bathroom by then and was in the living room while I was still in the kitchen. I opened the tupperware to grab a handful of sweets and saw a card. I thought it was kind of a weird place to have put the card, but whatever. I opened the card, and it was in Don's handwriting. I walked into the living room reading the card and Don was pulling out red roses and a bottle of Champange. In the card, he asked me to be his wife. I was stunned. He had to point out that the ring was still in the tupperware of caramel corn, I was so surprised.

He had made me speechless. I remember saying, "You sent the ring to your sister in Cleveland and had her mail it?" No, silly goose, Don had taken a box, put postage on it from something his mom sent him, disguised his handwriting on the address, used a September 1 USA Today (good thing I didn't pay that much attention to the packing material) and hid the ring in some Fiddle Faddle.

Needless to say, we didn't go meet our friends. I immediately called my mom and told her. I then called my dad, who wasn't home, but Dean answered. I was making casual conversation with him and he asked, "How is that boyfriend of yours?" and I said, "Well, he's not my boyfriend anymore." Stunned silence on the other end. Before he could say anything else, I said, "He's my fiance!" Of course, when my dad got home, Dean pulled the same prank on him.

The one thing I joke about is he never actually said, "Will you marry me?" He jokes that I never said yes. My response, I acted yes!

Anyway, that's my story.....

As far as foods -- still on plan. Today would have been a roadblock in the past with my mid-day doctor's appointment throwing my schedule into chaos, thus allowing me to have a reason to go off plan. But, no....I packed my breakfast, morning snack and lunch. I should be home in time for my afternoon snack. The only deviation was I forgot to make my special dressing, and we didn't have any fat free in the house, so I am using some on my two salads today I measured the amount, and it's actually half of a serving, so not too much damage. I continue to maintain my 1.4 pound per day loss, and will probably keep this up until next Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be a challenge -- Beerfest at the races, but I'm prepared for it, and will be eating on plan for breakfast and my morning snack.

Hey, I can't be perfect 100% of the time!


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