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Monday, July 26, 2004

Kicking & Screaming

I don't want to be back. I want to be still up in Santa Barbara, lying by the pool, watching Jager stalk a lizard. Seriously.

I had to come back to reality at some point I guess. Gazing lovingly at Don will not get the bills paid. We drove back yesterday afternoon since we both have today off. We're pretty much unpacked, although I still have some to do. I ran my errands -- gas, car wash, grocery store. I'm catching up on my blog reading. I still have to put my books away and finish reading my mail, but I should be ready to go back to work tomorrow (groan).

The reason for my coming into work on Thursday was actually a good one. I did get to meet my new boss, so that was nice. She will continue to live in Salt Lake City, and it's been awhile since I worked for someone who didn't sit in the same office, but I think I'll be able to adjust pretty well. Plus, now that we have a strong leadership team in our office, my job has become much easier. The big news was that one of my former employees who now reports to one of the other leaders in the office won one of our big giveaways. We always focus on our preferred suppliers and award prizes from those vendors -- airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. The big giveaway at the end of the quarter is a drawing from all the previous quater's winners. They gave away 3 Jeep Liberties!! It was very cool to watch the expression on the lucky employee's face. She drives about 80 miles roundtrip (Palmdale to LAX, for those who are familiar) each day, so having a new car is a great thing for her. I checked out the car when it was pulled up to the office -- I didn't get to check out all the goodies, but there was an in-dash 5-disc CD player.

Speaking of new cars, Don's lease on his Honda Civic is about up so he is in the process of looking at new cars. Since we don't like the whole negotiating process, we use a car broker. It's pretty cool -- we call up and let him know what we want and he can deliver the car. It works out well, and we don't have to dicker with the price. Plus when I have cost compared, it's very similar, and what we save in stress makes up for it. I will be in the market for a new lease come February. I will probably stick with Honda, most likely an Accord, which is what I have now. I would be tempted by the CR-V, though.

Of course, the worse part about coming back to reality is getting on the scale like I did first thing this morning, and found that I was up 6 pounds. I am going to have to do some serious re-thinking of my current health plan going forward and figure out how I can work on getting healthy. I've got to stop fooling myself and start getting real.


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