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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Is There Anything Worse....

....than a summer cold? OK, I know there are worse things, but when you are sitting at work with a stuffed up nose, it just doesn't seem like there is.

I only have two more mid-year reviews to present. As a typical procrastinator, they will be done tomorrow. At least I have easy ones. There are some leaders who really struggle with their staffs.

Also tomorrow, at 1:30, I have an MRI. At least I'll know how serious it is. Of course, it feels great today and I seem to have regained most of my flexibility. I guess the upshot is that if they don't find anything I can quit making excuses about not doing my cardio.

Food have been right on, so I'm pretty proud of that. I did discuss this food plan with my nutritionist and he's OK with it on a 2 week maximum basis. I had planned on doing this through 8/15, but I'm really starting to hate tuna and dread my meals. However, on a mid-week weight check (awww....who am I kidding, I've been weighing myself every morning. Complusive? A bit.) I am down 4.2 pounds, meaning since 7/26, I am down 10 pounds. Of course, I get all excited and figure that if I can lost 9.8 pounds in 7 days, that would mean I would lose 19.6 pounds in two weeks! Unfortunately, that's not how this works. I have to check in with Phil on Monday and let him know what my 7 day loss is and then we are going to add foods to slow it down. I am being good about recording everything in to Fit Day that I am putting in my mouth. So far the only deviation was a teaspoon of teriakyi sauce over my fish last night.

The down side of this is I am starting to feel tired, and I'm not sure if that is because of the cold or the diet. Regardless, I plan on eating as much as I can on plan on Saturday, but still emjoying myself, even if that does mean a few beers.


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