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Thursday, August 12, 2004

All About the Food

As suspected, I have some pretty significant injuries to my knee. The lesser one is a bone bruise, which is really a small fracture. They really can't do anything for that other than rest. The more troubling one is what looks like a partial tear to the ACL. My doctor wants me to get a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon, so I'm scheduled Tuesday afternoon so I can get a final diagnosis. What my doctor really wants is me to spend the next 2 weeks on crutches and see if it heals on it's own. I think I can wait to see what the OS says before I invest in crutches.

Having said that, and knowing that my cardio is going to be limited, I have got to buckle down with the foods. I saw my nutritionist last night and we're keeping me on a pretty similar plan to what I'm on now, with alternating snacks to include more fruit. I also do not have to have fish every night -- thank goodness for that. I still have to have lean pieces of meat -- skinless chicken, turkey breast, etc. but I can deal with that. And, with my handy George Foreman grill, it's oh-so-easy.

I do have to say my energy level is much better when I'm eating on plan. I don't have the highs and lows that can accompany dieting/binging. I also think that, even though I know exercise is a huge part of weight loss, if I can take this "down" time to really focus on my foods, by the time I'm given the go-ahead to workout I will have the food thing down pat.

I am supposed to have tomorrow off, but I'm thinking I may come in and reschedule. I do have a lot to do, but I would love a day off. I did call in sick on Tuesday (damn summer cold) so I'm not sure if it would be kosher for me to take a second day this week. But I really need a manicure and pedicure.....


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