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Thursday, March 11, 2004

A New Wardrobe Without Spending Any $$$

My body is going through a lot of changes -- after 4 weeks of dealing with this stupic bronchitis, no exercise and eating way off plan, I am actually down 3 pounds. I guess not being able to taste food is a good thing -- I make choices like fish instead of a hamburger.

The other upswing is that I am finding skirts (3 so far) that have been buried in the back of my closet because they have been too tight. The are all now on the loose side! I guess one of the things I will be doing over my week off in April is cleaning out my closet and actually donating some of the items that are on the "biggish" side.

And this all on the eve of my being cleared to get back in to the gym today! Of course, staffing issues may postpone that until tomorrow, but I'm feeling better about my body. Which hasn't stopped me from eating like someone who has never heard of the word "nutrition." I mean, 1 Diet Coke, 4 small chocolate eggs and 1 piece of garlic bread is all I ate yesterday. So far today, I've had juice and some Chex Mix. Of well, if I continue to lose weight, I may write my own diet book -- The Venice Beach diet.


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