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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'm back! Even though I have been at work all week, it's really tired me out. I get home pretty well exhausted. Plus, I had a ton of work and e-mails to catch up on. I hate not being able to access my work e-mail from home. I mean, why do I need to get 100 e-mails in two days?

I have not been able to get back into the gym, and probably won't until Saturday. My lungs are still a little raspy when I take a deep breath, and I don't want to be hacking on the treadmill. I guess the good news is that I am actually down a pound since the first of the month. My foods have been so off, I just assumed I would be up 1 or 2. I don't expect any miracles between now and next Monday, but I would love to be down just a bit.

We're expecting a big storm here this afternoon. I'm not sure when it's supposed to hit, but I get off work at 4:00 PM, and I'm going straight home, so hopefully it won't be too bad until after I get home. I don't mind rain, but I hate driving in it -- not because I'm afraid of the weather, just the other drivers!

Back to work! I almost have my desk cleaned off!


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