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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

To be 100% honest, I could not complete 60 minutes on the treadmill last night. My legs were just too dead. I mean, when was the last time I actually did 4 days in a row? I don't even think I can tell you. Also, I was working out next to this woman who was really bugging me. I know I shouldn't focus on others when I am working out, but it was hard not to. When I am on a treadmill, I don't care if those on either side of me are running or walking -- as long as they have a consistent pace. This woman would walk about 2 minutes and then get off the machine. She was reading the newspaper and every single time she turned the page, she would have to step off. She would also get off the machine and toss out her section of newspaper, which seemed to take 3-4 minutes, and then get back on. In the meantime, people were waiting for the treadmill. It was just so distracting. And, even though I wear a Walkman, I knew she was talking to people on the other side of her, and if I didn't have my earphones on she would have tried to strike up a conversation with me. I'll just have to avoid her in the future.

I have eaten well ever since my mini-binge on Tuesday. I haven't gotten all of my water in today, so I'll have to work on that between now and the end of the evening. I am meeting Don at the Baja Cantina, a local Mexican bar, which is actually where we met. I know I can choose some of their more healthy options, like soft tacos rather than hard and they do have shrimp or chicken fajitas. I'll just have to stay away from the alcohol.

One interesting thing happened. I had applied a few weeks ago for a different position within my company -- completely outside of the travel realm. I didn't think I was qualified, but I like to keep my resume and interviewing skills up-to-date. I did speak to the hiring manager today and he wants to meet me in 2 weeks. He did say 35 people applied, and in the first wave he was just trying to assess peoples' skill levels and he felt that I met them. It would mean a slightly longer commute, but not that much different (and it would be going against traffic!). I also wouldn't manage people (no more review writing!!). I would me coordinating a staff of 8 seasoned sales managers (keeping schedules, making travel arrangements, doing expense reports, correspondence, etc.). It is so different than what I am doing now. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I am actually pretty excited about this opportunity.

Off to see my nutritionist. I don't think I'm down very much from my last visit with him 2 weeks ago, but I will be posting my meal plan for the week.


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