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Monday, January 26, 2004

OK, so I am not independently wealthy, and cannot enjoy my mornings sipping lattes while reading the NY Times. Maybe then I would be a more informed voter. Instead, I have to deal with late staff members, severe weather affecting our travelers (especially a group returning from a cruise in Miami), burned out team members and innocuous conference calls. Such is life.

I kept George pretty much in check today. On my Trader Joe’s run after work, he did convince me to get some vodka for an après work martini. Hey, vodka is allowed on my food plan, and so are olives. I even came home and cooked up a slew of skinless, frozen chicken breasts for lunch this week. I have a wonderful new device from Williams Sonoma that will help me not to overcook my chicken. I highly recommend it. I used it on steaks last night and it was wonderful – juicy, cooked to perfection.

The one area that George seems to be taking control is my meeting on Saturday. My company is having our “holiday” party. We can’t really call it that, so we are calling it our 2004 Kick Off party. Between the meeting and dinner, some of the more creative members have been asked to showcase their wares. We have people who make note cards, glazed dishes, decoupage mirrors & frames, etc. I will be displaying my candles, soaps and incense. I will have pillar and container candles. Many of my staff members have received my homemade soaps and candles, and have said they really like them. I really think I do a good job – my crafts are well made, smell good and colorful. The problem is, George (the critical voice in my head) says I am going to lug all these candles down there for nothing. He tells me, “No one cares. They won’t buy this junk.” And you know what? Maybe they won’t. But I am still going to take my wares. I don’t care what George says.


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