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Monday, February 02, 2004

OK, so I only did 45 minutes on the treadmill. My quads and calves were killing me. As it was, it’s an amazing thing I even made it to the gym. The last hour at work would have driven anyone else to the nearest bar. The other leader in the office was really ticking me off. I needed to run some reports regarding phone stats – our office is on an Automated Call Distribution system, and we need to prove to some clients that 80% of their incoming calls are answered within 20 seconds. I have a monthly meeting with our biggest client to show them these reports. Our meeting is tomorrow at 8:30 AM. All leaders are supposed to monitor our stats daily, and until recently this leader has been less than interested. However, she is taking a new position (a demotion) and all of a sudden she is watching these stats like a hawk. This is a touchy computer, so only one person can run a function at a time. I had gotten her internet access at the beginning of the year, yet she still used the old way, which interferes with my running reports. I told her I was running these reports, yet TWICE she quit my request so she could “watch the phones.” Luckily I am in early tomorrow and will be able to run the last 4 I need before the meeting, but her attitude really pissed me off.

Despite this, I went to the gym. I really like our gym, The Spectrum Club. It has a good mix of ages, races and body types. I feel very comfortable there. The one thing I don’t like is that the gym is 3 floors, and the cardio equipment is on the third floor, naturally. I hate taking the stairs because I am pretty much out of breath by the time I get there. Grrrrrr. The other thing that got me off the treadmill a little early is because the T.V. that I was watching was showing CNN. Normally not a problem, but they must have showed Janet Jackson’s breast 30 times in the 45 minutes I was there. I thought about turning CNN into the FCC for “indecent exposure.” I guess since most everyone has already seen it (a hundred times!), I didn’t think they needed to run it anymore. My personal thoughts – it was staged. "Wardrobe malfunction" my ass. It’s all about ratings, baby.

I did come home and sauté up a few chicken breasts with garlic, onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers. It does smell great in here, even though I’m not really hungry. I really should go and do dishes, but I keep hoping they will magically disappear when I’m done here.

The rest of the night should be pretty quiet. It's raining, which is a nice change for Southern California. We need it. Of course, my ideal for a rainy, cold day is to be at home, in PJs & slippers, with a roaring fire, drinking hot chocolate and reading a really good book. I guess I can be grateful that my commute is 3 miles and usually less than 10 minutes.

Off to go pack my gym bag for tomorrow. I also need to finish up my breakfast & lunch as well. I keep hoping that I won't have to go to my meeting, but I've dodged the last two, so I know that isn't in the cards.


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