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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


That's "To your heath," in Gaelic, in honor of my national holiday.

Despite my Irish heritage, I tend to down play St. Patrick's Day. Seven years ago, I got a call on St. Paddy's Day to tell me that one of my close friends had died in a private plane crash. Ever since then, my taste for green beer, drunken happy hours, etc. has dwindled. Don and I will probably grab a bite to eat, but no green beer (I mean, really, what's the point?).

I'm a little calmer than yesterday. I really sat here and stewed about the way my boss treated me. I even typed up a fake resignation letter (in Word, not in e-mail so there wouldn't be any "accidents"). I found out later that right before she spoke to me she found out she was losing an account and she would have to lay off 2 people including 1 who is still out on maternity leave. I guess I'll cut her some slack. I'll just try and be a little more proactive about making sure the office is covered when other leaders are out.

I am in another rather annoyed mood. I went to Aaron Brothers to pick up my mats I had custom cut and they weren't ready. The woman told me that they should be ready around 5P. Of course, when I placed my order on Sunday, the guy didn't tell me that. So that was one wasted trip. I went to pick up my B/W enlargements from Marina Photo and discovered the negatives got mixed up and all but 2 of the prints were wrong! back to the drawing board on those. I should be getting my digital photo enlargements from Shutterfly today so I can start working on getting those bad boys framed.

Off to finish picking my NCAA bracket. Don and I always play against one another. I think he's won the last two years and it would be nice to beat him this year, although it's hard since I don't follow college hoops like I follow college football. Let's just say, my "good" picks are more luck than anything.

Although I have several Irish toasts, here is one that I think is especially appropriate:

"As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point the wrong way!"

Hope everyone has a safe and relatively sane St. Patrick's Day!


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