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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Things I've Learned Today do a good job, meet your deadlines, take on extra projects/responsibilities, manage extra staff and you get no raise and less of a bonus than last year on top of being asked to change your hours.

OK, yes a little more job bitterness. I knew in December that I needed to get an overall 1 or 2 on my review to be eligible for a raise this year. I also knew that more than likely I would receive a 3 -- meeting expectations -- despite taking on a lot of work last year. I did struggle at times with the workload, but I always met my deadlines, I didn't bitch about it and always showed flexibility and excellent change management skills. I was disappointed in my review because I thought some of the extras deserved recognition. I also assumed that my bonus would be more than last year to compensate the fact I wasn't getting a raise. In the end, my bonus was about $150.00 less than last year and no bonus, so I am actually "out" about $42.00 a paycheck after taxes (enough to fill my gas tank and get my nails done). It still ticks me off that I worked harder and smarter than I did in 2002, and am getting less for the effort.

Which is why I am hesitant to jump in on the next fabulous project my manager wants me to undertake. As I've mentioned, one of the other leaders is moving on, but we haven't replaced her yet. I have been asked to take on 3 pretty big duties of hers to add to mine until we bring in her replacement. So knowing I'll be making less money for doing more, my boss then tells me (she couched as "discussing" it with me, but there was no discussion) that my hours need to change from 7a - 4p to 8a - 5p. I have been working my shift for about 6 of my 8 years here and it hasn't seemed to bother anyone but her. She claims I need to be more visible, that strong leadership is needed more in the late afternoon than in the morning. I like working my early shift. I'm an early bird as it is. I like getting off at 4p so I can go to the store or the gym before everyone else gets off of work. To have that taken away from me on top of the money thing, really doesn't do a lot for my sense of teamwork or willingness to go the extra mile.

I guess I just see others in the office who make a big show about how much work they have to do and they make sure everyone knows they are staying late and they get projects and tasks taken off their plates. They earn extra days off (comp time) because they are putting in so much OT (since we're exempt, we can't get paid OT). I work efficiently, without a lot of direction. I meet my deadlines. I offer to help out my peers when I can. I have never said no to my boss when she's asked me to finish a project (usually due within 24 hours) because she has gotten behind. I do stay late when it's warranted (people calling in sick and the phones need to be covered). I've come in as early as 3 AM to support our East Coast offices when they are affected by winter storms or black outs. I support my company thought its many changes and work on making sure my staff supports us as well. Maybe it's because I have been so generously compensated in the past that this feels a little like a slap in the face.

If it weren't for the tight job market, I would seriously think about quitting.

Again, sorry for the bitter grapes, but this job situation is the one stress area in my life right now, and the one that is at the root cause of my trying to self-medicate, whether by wine or by Big Macs.


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