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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Temporary Fix

I don't know what is wrong with my wolf template but I found a temporary fix while I figure it out. I'll have to wait until I'm home to get all my links back, so bear with me.

Phoenix has been great - of course, part of if is just seeing and feeling the sun! The temps have been in the mid-60s and a little cool in the morning, but overall really pleasant. I've been able to spend some good time with Don plus do a little shopping. Today's plans are still up in the air - maybe a museum, maybe some more window shopping - typical tourist stuff.

The dogs are doing great at the new kennel. The staff seems very informed of what my dogs have been up to. In fact, when I called today to schedule an exit grooming for the two, when I gave the woman their names, she was all, "Oh, Baja and Jager! We are having such fun with them. They are really great dogs."

Anyway, just wanted to see if I could fix the template. If anyone is good with Blogger and HTML code, let me know if you could take a look at my old template to see what is broken!

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